Children of all ages are welcome. Together with the Fun & Entertainment team, they will have an unforgettable experience. Doing handicrafts, making a mess and playing games in the Bollo Club. Or go charging around in nature and discover all sorts of animals like a real scout. Being bored is impossible.

Plenty of children's activities

  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • During the German school holidays
  • Air trampoline
  • Playground(s)

Bollo Club

Bollo is a child's best friend. Come to the Bollo Club and maybe Bollo will be there too! Doing handicrafts, colouring, making a mess and painting faces together during the school holidays - kids experience endless fun here. You will receive the current programme on your arrival at the park.

Fun & Entertainment

For young and old, the Fun & Entertainment team organises all sorts of sportive and creative activities during the German school holidays. From a sports tournament to the most beautiful creations made in the Bollo Club, there is something to do every day. Are your kids coming too? Everyone is very welcome!