Food and drinks

At Landal De Waufsberg, eating and drinking well take high priority. In our restaurant, you can drink the finest wines, try the best local beers and eat amazing regional dishes. The Park Shop has all the essentials, and warm bread rolls every day for a royal breakfast.

Everything at a glance

Food and drink
  • Henry VIII Gasterij
  • Terrace
  • Minishop
  • Bread roll service
  • Breakfast service

Very convenient

Breakfast in the morning with freshly-baked warm bread rolls? Place your order the day before and your warm bread rolls will be delivered to you the next morning. The Park Shop also provides for your basic shopping needs.

Limburg delicacies

Limburg is famed for many specialities. Imagine delicious 'Zuurvlees' pot roast with a cold local beer! And don't forget Limburg 'vlaai' - a regional sweet flan. Behind the park, you will find the Notermans family's fruit. You can taste the love of the artisan in the rich fruits from the orchard and the strawberry fields.
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