From the park, you can easily explore the Veluwe, either together or with the whole family. There are plenty of attractions to visit close to the park, such as De Hoge Veluwe National Park or DierenPark Amersfoort (Zoo).

Amersfoort Zoo

Experience a day full of animals and adventure at Amersfoort Zoo. You hear, see and feel everything during your visit.
WebsiteApprox. 34 kilometres of the park

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

At the park, the Kröller Müller Museum and Museonder nature, art and architecture come together.
WebsiteApprox. 32.5 kilometres of the park


Fancy a day full of fun, games, spectacular shows and much more! Then the Dolphinarium is the perfect getaway.
WebsiteApprox. 15 kilometres of the park

Burger's Zoo

Go on one of the various guided tours, play just like the monkeys in Burgers' Kids Jungle and have a meal in one of the restaurants. There is no need to be bored in this hundred year old zoo.
WebsiteApprox. 50 kilometres of the park

Nulde Beach

Nulde beach is known as one of the best surfing locations of the Netherlands. A chance to meet the the top of the surfing world.
WebsiteApprox. 9 kilometres of the park

Exploring the surrounding area

Explore the surrounding area and discover everything that is on offer. A day full of action and excitement in an amusement park, a trip to the zoo or a visit to an event in the region. There is plenty to do at the parks, but the surrounding area has much to offer too. Plenty of entertainment, something for everyone.