When you stay at Landal Berger Duinen, you stay in the middle of the Schoorlse Duinen nature reserve. Here you can take long walks, go cycling or mountain biking. You can also find the popular Bergen aan Zee coastal resort only 7 km away from the park. The charming villages of Schoorl and Bergen are also definitely worth visiting to eat out, go shopping or for sampling some culture.

A paradise for nature lovers: the Schoorlse Duinen

If you love peace and quiet and nature then put on a sturdy pair of shoes and discover the Schoorlse Duinen, the widest and most varied nature reserve on the Dutch coast! Here you will find lovely hiking and cycling routes. Start your walk or bike tour from the ‘Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen’. Many cycling and hiking routes start from here. You can also admire the art by local artists at the many exhibitions. And they will be more than happy to help if you want to know more about the area.
WebsiteApprox. 3,2 kilometres of the park

Climb the highest dune in the Netherlands

In the middle of the centre of Schoorl, you will find the 51-metre-high climbing dune. Once you reach the top, you can walk straight into the forest and dune area. Kids in particular love this! Run up quickly to then roll down the bottom laughing. This sand mountain guarantees hours of fun playing! If you’d rather relax, then enjoy one of the heated outdoor cafés with the climbing dune and rolling children as your view. Enjoy!
WebsiteApprox. 2,1 kilometres of the park

Mystical artists’ village of Bergen

Around the Ruïnekerk in Bergen you will find the art market and many charming boutiques for shopping. After which, you can take a break and have a snack and a drink at one of the hospitable restaurants. And did you know that in the Bergerbos you can find the best located film house in the Netherlands?
WebsiteApprox. 3,7 kilometres of the park

Sea aquarium in Bergen aan Zee

Visit the museum and discover more than 300 different species of fish! Take a journey through the Amazon jungle, passing piranhas and creepy reptiles. Stroke a ray at our Ray Reef and stand face-to-face with sharks and poisonous lionfish. Do you dare? It’s fun for all ages.
WebsiteApprox. 9 kilometres of the park

Amusement Park De Goudvis: fun indoors and outdoors

Want a bit of fun for the kids? With three indoor playgrounds plus a huge outdoor playground, the kids will not get bored for a moment! Jump on the largest air trampoline in the Netherlands, swing with the whole family on the family swing or go-kart around the playground. Indoors, the kids can play in the ball pit or ride on a sledge down the toboggan run or even have a sightseeing flight in the helicopter.
WebsiteApprox. 15,5 kilometres of the park

Friendly village of Groet

They will welcome you with open arms in the village of Groet. This village breathes history. There are many national monuments here. Located on a peninsula, you will find a white church from the 18th century and from where you can see the sea, forest, dune, dike and polders. The village also houses the smallest former town hall in the Netherlands. Sample the historic and friendly atmosphere in Groet.
WebsiteApprox. 5,5 kilometres of the park

Cheese Market Alkmaar

Watch, smell and taste the largest assortment of cheese in the Dutch city of cheese.
WebsiteApprox. 11 kilometres of the park

More tips

  • Broekerveiling museum | Broek op Langedijk (12 km)
  • Dune Riding School Poelenburgh (1.2 km)
  • Shopping in Amsterdam (50 km)
  • Marine Museum / Den Helder (33 km)
  • Walking and cycling paths via the Brede Duinenroute (5 km)
  • Zuiderzee Museum / Enkhuizen (47 km)