Accessible accommodations

At different parks you will find adjusted accommodations for the less abled. If you are looking for extra comfort or if you have special wishes, we offer adjustments so you are able to move better in and around the bungalow. A suitable offer for optimum accessibility. Our specially adapted accommodation is split into three categories:

Widely accessible

Do you have mobility problems? Or would you really like to have more space during your stay? We have a variety of suitable accommodation units, which are widely accessible. The bedrooms and bathrooms are on the ground floor, there is a walk-in shower, the garden path is tarmacked and the parking space is by the accommodation. To book widely accessible accommodation, check the ‘accessible care’ option during the booking process.

Extra accessible

If you would like more adaptations and rely on a wheelchair, then our extra accessible accommodation units are suitable. In addition to the facilities available in the widely accessible accommodation: the extra-wide doors measure a minimum of 85 cm, there is room in the bedroom for a high-low adjustable bed with a min. of 90 cm room on 1 side of the bed and a shower seat and raised toilet with extra grab-handles in the bathroom.

Specially accessible

The specially accessible accommodation offers optimal accessibility, also catering for guests in an electric wheelchair. Here, amongst other things, in addition to the extra-accessible facilities you will find a retractable work surface in the kitchen, a lift, a high-low adjustable bed and storage space for a mobility scooter with a charging point.

Make a booking?

Book our accessible accommodations by calling the contact centre. Below you will find an overview of our Extra and special accessible accommodations that can be booked directly. For more information, or to book by phone, please call us at the Contact Centre via tel. +31 (0)70 300 35 06 or 0900 8842 (regular charges apply).
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