Food and drinks

If you fancy a culinary surprise, Take a seat at Boofoor Restaurant or Zuid, Zoet, Zout Panoramic Restaurant. You are also welcome here for a drink or a healthy lunch on the terrace. The kids enjoy an ice cream while you enjoy the view over the Veluwemeer.
The facilities are also used by the guests at the adjacent campsite and opening hours are limited during the low season.

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Food and drink
  • Restaurant Zuid Zoet Zuid
    • Terrace
  • Take-away and snack shop
  • Supermarket

Zuid, Zoet, Zout

Take a seat at our Zuid, Zoet, Zout Panoramic Restaurant for a delicious surprise from the menu. Enjoy lunch or dinner with a stunning view over the Veluwemeer lake. On a summer day, this is also a great place to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace and toast to your wonderful holiday together.
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Very convenient

During your stay, opt for an easy meal. After an afternoon full of water fun, buy an ice cream or treat the family to French fries in the evening. Good and easy food is part of a carefree holiday. You will find the tastiest snacks and takeaway meals at the Take-away and snack shop at Zuid, Zoet, Zout Panoramic Restaurant.

No worries about your groceries

Get your fresh bread rolls in the morning or get all ingredients to prepare a delicious meal. You can get all your foodstuff at our SPAR supermarket at the park. The supermarket offers an extensive range of foodstuff such as bread, vegetables, meat and wine. That is convenient! Get the nicest souvenirs for at home, regional products, Bollo items and everything for fishing at the reception.
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