With your dog

Your dog is very welcome at Landal Twenhaarsveld. Enjoy a great holiday with your family and your dog. As well as special dog bungalows and hiking trails, the park offers additional facilities for your dog, allowing you and your trusted four-legged companion to enjoy your stay even more.
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Everything at a glance

With your dog
  • Off-lease dog area
  • Dog track
  • Dog swimming water
  • Dog shower with hot water
  • Dog menu in the restaurant
  • Dog garbage bag dispencer at the park
  • Dog supplies at the Parkshop

Bungalow for dog and owner

Book your stay in our 6-person dog bungalow and you will have everything you need for an unforgettable holiday with the family and your four-legged companion. The bungalow has a dog bench, plastic dog basket and a fence around the garden.
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Your clean dog

Your dog can have the time of its life during a walk in the surrounding countryside. If your dog gets dirty from all that running around and swimming, then you can clean your dog under the hot dog shower in the main building. This contains two high wooden containers and is free to use. There is also a cold dog shower close to the natural pond. Both showers are closed in winter.

Dining with your dog

Culinary enjoyment for the whole family. Take a seat in the conservatory together. Choose something nice from the menu and let yourself be surprised. There has also been thought of your four-legged friend, on the dog menu you can find the favorite treats for your dog. Reward your brave dog and enjoy the delicious food together.