There is so much to do at the park. The kids enjoy themselves at the water games area and take a dive in the swimming pool. Playing, crafting and dancing in the Brasserie, charging around the playground, and jumping on the air trampoline. End the day with fries in your bungalow or have a fun time bowling together.

It's impossible to be bored

  • Air trampoline
  • Bollo
  • Bollo house
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • The whole year
  • Playground(s)
  • Water games area
Landal Adventure: our new game for kids
Are you going to Landal GreenParks with your kids soon? Download our newest, innovative app Landal Adventure and send your kids on a digital scavenger hunt through nature in the holiday park. By collecting resources, they will be able to design and build their own digital tree house plus check it out in augmented reality. Discover Landal Adventure – our new game for kids

Splashing fun!

Plenty of fun with water. The children have the time of their lives at the water games area and will certainly come back soaked. Screaming, they spray water at each other and soak the other children. Do you watch how your children are having fun or would you rather stay out of the way so you don't get wet?

Fun for everyone

From a sportive challenge to clambering on the pirate ship. Setting out together to discover the nature reserve around you. Cycling through the dunes, walking with a nature guide, or a day at the beach. Go on fun outings with the family to EcoMare or go to Oudeschild for a seal-sighting trip or voyage on the Shrimp boat.

Fun & Entertainment

Landal Sluftervallei offers a range of activities year-round. The kids have a great time with the Fun & Entertainment team and will enjoy an unforgettable vacation. You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App.