There is no swimming pool at the park, but the North Sea beach is only 3 kilometres away! The sea is lovely in summer. Do you prefer a swimming pool? This is possible at a beautiful subtropical swimming paradise only a 15-minute drive away from the park (against a fee)

Here at the coast, Zeeland's coast

Wake up, the sun is shining. A fine day to go to the beach. Zeeland's coast has so much to offer. Whether you love nature and tranquillity, or prefer to go to a family beach. Read your newspaper whilst the children fly their kite and build sandcastles. Or go for a long walk on the beach at sunset. Water sport enthusiasts can enjoy themselves to their heart's content with a day of kite buggying or sand yachting.

Swimming in the surrounding area

Splash in the swimming pool of Laco Sports Centre, a 17-minute drive from the park. The enthusiastic swimmer makes a contest of it, the recreational swimmer takes a refreshing dip, while the kids practice for their swimming diplomas. Everyone is welcome for an afternoon full of water fun!