Surrounding area

Among the vineyards, hills, and woods, you have all the space you need to unwind. Walking together and enjoying the views of the Danube Bend and discovering the charming villages around you. Horse riding in the countryside, a boat trip on the Danube, or a guided tour and tasting in a vineyard. Hungary at its best.


The largest river in Hungary lends itself to many water activities and fantastic sightseeing cruises.
Approx. 5 kilometres of the park

Wine region Ászár-Neszmély

In the small village Neszmély your can taste the most delicious hungarian wines from the famous wine region 'Hilltop'.
WebsiteApprox. 3 kilometres of the park


Tata has everything what a holiday maker could fascinate: rich in history and picturesque places, beautiful nature, birds to observe, sport posibilities, facilities for young and old and nice restaurants.
WebsiteApprox. 10.5 kilometres of the park

Old Lake Kalandpark

 An adventure park high in the trees, where you can follow a trail trough the forests.
WebsiteApprox. 15.5 kilometres of the park


The historic capital of Hungary, with its many imposing buildings, is the perfect city for culture enthusiasts. Visit one of the many sights or go shopping for a day.
WebsiteApprox. 80.5 kilometres of the park

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