Hiking and cycling

After a lavish breakfast on your own terrace, you'll be ready for a new day in the fresh outdoor air. Explore the natural beauty of Hungary. A mountain hike or bike ride through the hilly landscape to discover the most beautiful spots. Go exploring with your family and enjoy the greenery around you.

Get out and about together!

Explore the picturesque landscape on foot or by bicycle. Get out and about together or and enjoy a moment with each other among nature's greenery. Dabble in the culture of the local pretty villages or visit the historic city of Budapest. A day trip to Vienna is also worthwhile; it is less than a two-hour drive from the park. There is so much natural beauty, culture and history to discover!

Walk through the mountains

From your apartment, you can walk straight into the splendid Hungarian countryside. Let the expansive hills, woods and historical towns entice you. Walk through the mountains and admire the unique view across the Danube Bend. Take a mountain hike or discover the villages in the valley and admire the remains of mediaeval castles. In all this greenery, you will unwind completely. That proper holiday feeling!

Cycle through green valleys

Get on a bicycle and together go on a discovery tour in the countryside. Pass though vineyards, green valleys and friendly towns. Here, you can take time out on a terrace for a break in your cycle ride. You can use the mountain bike to climb steep slopes and criss-cross the woods. Feel free to drop by at the reception for more information, routes, and tips!

Tip: rent a bicycle

Ready to get out and about? Hire a bicycle at the park and explore the surrounding area. So easy. Ladies', men's, and children's bicycles, and mountain bikes are available for rent. Spend an active day out with all the family in the Hungarian countryside.