Fun for young and old. Our youngest guests can help feed the animals in the petting zoo and have fun with the Fun & Entertainment programme. Older kids compete in a game of table tennis, football or basketball. Jump on the air trampoline or ride the ropeway. Everyone has fun from the very first moment.

Playing in the countryside

  • Air trampoline
  • Bollo
  • Animal meadow
  • Bollo house
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • The whole year
  • Playground(s)
  • Mini-golf course
  • Guided walk with forest warden
  • Children's parties
  • Kids package


Did you know that Bollo lives in his own house at the park? Come along for a cuddle with this friendly bear and have your photo taken with Bollo. Make a nice drawing and put it in the mailbox. He collects and hangs all the drawings in his house. Bollo is the children's best friend!

Fun & Entertainment

There's lots to do and experience in the holiday park all year round. Our Fun & Entertainment team makes sure that you and the kids have an unforgettable holiday. Activities are organised for young and old. You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App.

Celebrating your birthday soon?

Today it's party time: paper chains, balloons, cake and candy. At Landal Heihaas, you can celebrate your child's birthday in a different way. The possibilities are endless: an Carpentry party, Robin Hood party or Bollo's feast.