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Wake up to sunshine. After a hearty breakfast you are ready to explore the region. From the park head out into the Overloonsche Duinen for a delightful morning walk. Or grab your bicycle or mountain bike and discover lovely villages, vast forests and De Maasduinen National Park.

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Food and drink
  • Broer & Zus Grand Café
    • Terrace
    • Broer & Zus Grand Café
  • Take-away and snack shop
  • Bread roll service
  • Grocery package small
  • Grocery package large

Broer & Zus Grand Café

Come to this friendly Grand Café for a delicious lunch, dinner or simply a cup of coffee or a drink at the bar. It is homely, cosy and warm. True Brabant conviviality! The terrace looks out over the air trampoline and miniature golf course. The competition in the bowling alley can start.
Take a look and enjoy