Food and drinks

The Brasserie offers everything from a full breakfast to drinks on the terrace and an elaborate dinner. Enjoy a culinary treat in the refurbished Brasserie or a refreshing ice cream after an activity-filled day. De Snackbar has just what you need for a quick bite. Bon appétit!

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Food and drink
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Refurbished Brasserie

The refurbished Brasserie with a trendy design is now open! Using fresh, local ingredients – mostly organic and sustainable – the most delicious (regional) dishes are prepared with passion. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Various cooking classes are also organised here.

The menu is updated regularly. In the Brasserie, you can ask to see the menu!
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Enjoyment by the water

While the kids tuck into their ice creams, you order your favourite drink. It's great to relax on the fish pond patio. Choose a time to spend together and enjoy the moment. Spend the day together with a drink, before heading for the Brasserie. Enjoy great family moments.

Renewed Snackbar

During your stay, opt for an easy meal. After an afternoon frolicking by the water, buy an ice cream or enjoy a freshly prepared pizza in your bungalow. Good and easy food is part of a carefree holiday. Get the tastiest snacks and takeaway meals from The Snackbar.

Dietary wishes? No problem

Our kitchen team has plenty of ideas when it comes to your dietary needs. Gluten-free, sugar-free, salt-free or vegetarian. The chef and his team have a delicious, varied and healthy alternative for every taste. Ask our waiting staff about the options or view the gluten-free menu here.

The menu is regularly updated. In the restaurant at the park you can ask to see the menu.

New Parkshop

The Parkshop at Landal Aelderholt opens for you every day. It has fresh ingredients, sustainable and local products and even scoops and taps for less packaging wastage.