I would like to use my leisure voucher

You have received a leisure voucher. Now it is time to redeem it.
  • First, choose a destination. Landal GreenParks has over 90 holiday parks in the Netherlands and abroad, all located right in the middle of nature.
  • You can book your holiday online via our website.
  • Under payment, select 'reserve and pay within 14 days’ or indicate that you want to pay with a leisure voucher.
  • You complete the booking without payment and will receive a temporary reservation confirmation by e-mail.
  • You start the payment process by clicking on the payment link in the e-mail. You do this by entering your card number and the security code.
  • You will find the security code for the leisure voucher under the card number in the e-mail.
  • The credit on the leisure voucher will then be calculated automatically.
  • Important when you book online: please have your payment information ready and complete payment of the chosen instalment in one transaction.
If you make a last-minute booking (within 14 days of arrival), we ask that you redeem the leisure voucher immediately on booking. The remaining amount is then paid directly with the initial payment.
These conditions are in compliance with the (HISWA)RECRON Leisure Voucher regulation determined in consultation with the Consumer and Markets Authority (Autoriteit Consument en Markt – ACM) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs

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How to check the balance on my voucher

With the saldochecker you can check the balance on your leisure voucher. You fill in the cardnumber of your leisure voucher and your security code, then your balance will show in your screen. You can find your security code beneath your cardnumber in the e-mail you received.
Balance Checker
Leisure voucher
  • What is a leisure voucher?

    The leisure voucher is an online payment method you can use for your new booking if your stay at one of our parks had to be cancelled because the park is closed.

    This sector-wide implemented leisure voucher was introduced because of the exceptional and unforeseen situation resulting from the spread of the coronavirus. This arrangement was implemented in consultation with the Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    The leisure voucher can be used for one year after issuance and can be redeemed as payment for a new booking. You will be able to choose from any accommodation that is currently available on our website.

    If you haven’t used the full or remaining value of your leisure voucher by the end of the expiry date, we will refund you the remaining amount.

    The complete terms and conditions of the leisure voucher can be found on the special voucher page.

  • How does the leisure voucher work?

    You can redeem the leisure voucher as an online payment method for a new booking via our website. How you can use your leisure voucher exactly, you can read in the e-mail in which you receive the leisure voucher. Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem your leisure voucher online for a combination reservation consisting of multiple bungalows. In that case, please call our Contact Centre to redeem your leisure voucher. The leisure voucher can be redeemded in combination with a creditcard. If you do not possess a credit card, please contact our Contact Centre for your booking.

  • When do I receive a leisure voucher?

    You will receive a leisure voucher if you have booked a stay during a time that a park is closed. You don’t need to do anything. You will automatically receive an email from us with the leisure voucher.

  • For what timeperiod is the leisure voucher valid?

    The leisure voucher is valid for one year after you have received it. That's why it is important that you redeem your leisure voucher within one year. Your new stay doesn't need to take place within this year. You can choose from the stays that are bookable on our website on that moment.

  • I still haven't received a leisure voucher, what happens now?

    We aim to send the leisure voucher 7 days after receiving the cancellation email. However, due to the enormous crowds, this can take a week longer. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Voucher - Refund
  • What should I do to receive the outstanding amount of my leisure voucher?

    We will send you an email as soon as your voucher's expiry date (1 year from the date of issue) approaches. There is no need for you to contact us about this. We ask you to share your data with us in a secure environment in the e-mail you receive from us. We will credit your account with the remaining credit 4 weeks following the expiry date of your coupon.

  • I got an email from you and filled in my details, when will I receive my voucher credit?

    After entering your details, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Within a maximum of 4 weeks after the expiry date of the voucher, the amount indicated on your leisure voucher will be transferred to your account. The expiry date of your voucher is one year after its date of issue, which is mentioned on your voucher.

  • Why do I have to provide my details for the voucher refund?

    For security and privacy reasons, we do not keep all payment details of our customers. In order for us to transfer the remaining voucher credit to you, we therefore kindly ask you to provide us with your details. You will be asked to provide these details in a secure environment.

  • Is it safe to enter my details?

    We will handle your data confidentially. You will be asked to provide your details in a secure environment. The details you provide will only be used for the refund of your voucher credit.

  • I can’t enter my details, what should I do?

    Click on the link you will find in our email to submit your details to us. To send us your details safely, we kindly ask you to log in to your My Landal account. Have you lost your account password? Then click on 'forgot password'. You will receive an email to reset your password. If you are unable to provide us with your data, please contact us at our Contact Centre.


  • I got an email from you asking me to provide my details for the refund of my voucher credit. Is this a genuine email?

    After one year from the date of issue, any remaining credit on a leisure voucher will expire. Customers with vouchers that are about to expire will receive an email from us to initiate the refund process. 

  • My voucher has expired, but I still want to make a booking. What should I do?

    When the expiry date of your voucher approaches, you will receive an email from us to initiate the refund of your voucher. Please provide us with your details and we will refund your remaining credit within 4 weeks of the expiry date of your voucher. We recommend that you make a new booking without using your almost expired voucher.

Other information
  • How do I stay up to date with the latest information regarding the Coronavirus?

    You can read the latest information about the Coronavirus and the measures on the RIVM website. On this page we will keep you informed about what these measures mean for your stay at Landal GreenParks.

  • I didn't receive an e-mail with the voucher, what should I do now?

    Please have a look in your spam box first. If you have not received an e-mail with the leisure voucher in your spam box either, please contact our Contact Center.

  • Can I pay with a voucher after I have made a reservation?

    You can view your reservation under “My Reservation” and request your payment information. You can pay your outstanding bill here right away with the leisure voucher. If there is still an outstanding entry after you have redeemed the leisure voucher, we request that you pay the remaining amount right away. Go to your account to view your booking.

    Please note: The leisure voucher can only be redeemed at the time of paying for your booking. You cannot use the leisure voucher during your stay on the park.

  • How does Landal GreenParks deal with personal data?

    You find a more detailed description of which data we process in our privacy statement.