Fun for everyone

LEGOLAND® in Billand, Denmark, consists of millions of LEGO® bricks. The theme park is not just great for LEGO® lovers: there are plenty of adventurous and exciting rides. Feel like having a nice day out in Denmark? Go to LEGOLAND®, there’s lots to do!

The world in Miniland

Discover the world in LEGO®’s Miniland. The whole world is created in miniature format in Miniland. Go on LEGO® Safari or take a nice train trip through Miniland. And this year you can discover the five highest buildings in the world. These are copied in miniature format in Miniland.

Meet real pirates

Ahoy, pirates! Step into the world of pirates in Pirate Land. Put on your bathers and engage in combat in the Pirate Slash Battle. Sail into Captain Roger's secret cave and see how pirates fight each other over the stolen treasure. Not as strong as a pirate? Then hoist yourself up The Lighthouse and enjoy the view.

For the real adventurers

Prefer a bit more action and adventure? Then Adventure Land is perfect for you. Jump on board a fire engine and put out fires. Take a ride with the family in the X-treme Racers. This rollercoaster goes so fast that you get butterflies in your tummy! There are lots more exciting rollercoasters in LEGOLAND®, like the Polar X-plorer in Polar Land.

Meet princesses and knights

Step into the world of the Knights Kingdom™ and get to know the gallant knights and the beautiful princesses. Try the Dragon rollercoaster and take a tour of the bewitched royal palace, or experience the Viking River Splash with the entire family. Visit the LEGOLAND® princess and ask her all about her life as a princess in the royal palace.

Parks in Denmark

Park  Distance  Location
 Landal Seawest  65 km  Nørre Nebel
 Landal Søhøjlandet
 83 km  Gjern
 Landal Rønbjerg
 146 km  Ranum
 Landal Ebeltoft  153 km  Ebeltoft
 Landal Grønhøj Strand  255 km  Løkken