With your dog

Your dog is very welcome at Landal Wirfttal. Enjoy a great holiday with your family and your dog. As well as special dog bungalows and hiking trails, the park offers additional facilities for your dog, allowing you and your trusted four-legged companion to enjoy your stay even more.
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Everything at a glance

With your dog
  • Dogs' playground
  • Dog track
  • Dog shower with hot water
  • Dog garbage bag dispencer at the park
  • Dog food at the Parkshop
  • Dog supplies at the Parkshop

Dog-friendly bungalows

At Landal Wirfttal, you stay with your four-legged friend in a special dog-friendly bungalow that is equipped with a plastic dog basket, a bench and height-adjustable food and water bowls. Your dog can easily get out into the enclosed garden at any time. There are facilities for dogs and their owners.

4-person dog-friendly bungalow | 6-person dog-friendly bungalow

Dog shower

Your dog can have the time of his life in the rich natural surroundings. Has your dog gotten dirty from all that running and swimming? Let your dog enjoy a hosing down in the warm dog shower at your special dog-friendly bungalow. Or you can use the central dog shower.

Dogs' play area with agility course

Go crazy, play and have fun. Your dog can have the time of his life at the new dog play area with agility course. Seven different obstacles turn an afternoon in the play area into an unforgettable experience. Via the slalom and over the first obstacle, then up the incline and quickly jump back down. Carefully across the seesaw and quickly climb the mountain.

Dog House

Just a 20 minute drive from Landal Wirfttal is the 'Dog House', a guest house for dogs, a dogs' hairdresser and a dog school all in one. Do you want to do a course with your dog? Enjoy a fun and educational day at the dog school. Fancy a day out without your faithful four-legged friend? Your dog will be in his element here.