Sports & Games

Do you want to stay in shape while on vacation? On Terschelling, there are many activities for sports enthusiasts. From water sports to horse riding. There are also enough active excursions for a fun day out! What about a seal trip, a covered wagon ride, or an eco-safari? Go on an expedition and discover Terschelling in a new way.

A paradise for water sports enthusiasts

Do you wish to spend your vacation doing something active? The island, which is surrounded by water, is ideal for water sports, both for beginners and more experienced enthusiasts. A sea of opportunity! You can go sand yachting, canoeing, rowing, wind surfing or kite surfing, branding rafting, or blokarting. One advantage is that the wind blows harder here than in the rest of the Netherlands, which is useful for kite surfing. Do you want to learn wind surfing or kite surfing? This is possible at ‘Go surfing on Terschelling’. Other water sports, such as rafting, blokarting, and kayaking, are also available through ‘MooiWeer' (Nice Weather).

Explore the island on horseback

Are you an experienced rider? Discover the island on a sturdy, Friesian horse. Enjoy a unique horse ride through the woods, the dunes, and along the beach. Explore the island and experience the freedom. Even if you are not an experienced rider, there are numerous options available to you. ‘Puur Terschelling’ (Pure Terschelling) organises covered wagon trips and outdoor rides for beginners. Climb aboard a covered wagon and enjoy the beautiful nature, and learn more about the landscape from the real islanders

Blokarting: sailing alongside the water line

Blokarting (also known as sand yachting) is one of the must-do activities on Terschelling. This is something you can do throughout the year, in every season. It is appropriate for both children and adults, and it is simple to learn. Sailing alongside the water line gives you a sense of unbridled freedom. In a duokart, for example, an adult and a child can go blokarting. You can also drive on a trail where experienced instructors can help you. Or you can explore the beach yourself, and you can sail for more than 5 km along the beach. Sail as fast as you can along the beach! Are you ready for this? View the options.
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Spotting seals

Have you ever spotted a seal? Seals are the largest predators you'll see in the Waddenzee. The common seal and the grey seal can be found here. During a seal trip, sail alongside them and get a close look at the seals! Take a breath of fresh air on the boat, and enjoy the Wadden nature during the trip. There are several options available, such as sailing in a museum boat, a Talisman motor yacht, or a speedboat. View your options here. Are you physically fit and looking for something out of the ordinary? Then reserve a seat on the 'Grote 5 wadkanotocht' (Big 5 Wadden canoe trip). Together with the forest ranger (per canoe), you sail to the seals. The seals often swim less than a metre away from your canoe!

Covered wagon trip

Travel along the beach with a horse-drawn wagon, just like the beachcombers of Terschelling used to. This is the best way to become acquainted with Terschelling's pristine nature. The coachman is always willing to share his knowledge of the island's history and customs. Several trips are available from various organisers, and these trips often include drinks and food. Suitable for small as well as large groups. Review the various organised trips here.

Eco safari: how many types of wildlife can you spot?

During the eco safari, you travel with a guide in quiet, electrically-driven, off-road vehicles. Go on a safari and discover places that you would not have discovered otherwise. A wonderful experience in silence surrounded by nature. During the trip (that lasts 2.5 hours), the guide explains everything about Terschelling and the wildlife that you encounter. The quiet vehicles have allowed the Dutch Forestry Commission (Staatsbosbeheer) to open up new areas for these trips. A one-of-a-kind adventure for both young and old. How many animals can you spot during this trip? Terschelling's natural beauty will astound you. Book the eco safari here.