The park does not have any special children’s facilities. However, Terschelling itself has a lot to offer the kids! For example, cycle together on a tandem bike, or ride a pony in the woods or on the beach. Be enchanted by the unique discoveries in the Wreck museum, or pick fruit together in the Groenhof self-picking garden. Enjoy yourself!

‘Kabouterpad’ (the Gnomes’ Path): into nature with the kids

Spot the gnomes on this gnome-spotting trip designed especially for the family's youngest members. Look for gnome signs, complete assignments, and locate the gnomes. During the trip, you find small footprints in the sand, wheel tracks from a wheelbarrow, a gnome turd (yes, this really exists), and flattened grass where a gnome has taken an afternoon nap. Enjoy a fun day out in nature with your family. The trip takes about 1 to 2 hours, and you can purchase a book of assignments for €1 from the ‘VVV’ (Tourist Information Office) on Terschelling. More about the gnome trip.

Klimdaris Climbing Forest: Complete a trail at great heights

A challenging outdoor adventure for people of all ages! Climb the ropes with the whole family. You are first given detailed instructions and explanations about the safe ‘click-it’ system. You can then walk, climb, clamber up and abseil over obstacles at great heights. A supervised junior trail is also available for the younger children. Tip: Wear strong, sturdy shoes! You can already "climb" to the Klimdaris website and take a look.

Terschelling Wreck museum: be enchanted by unique discoveries

This museum is located on an authentic Terschelling farm and is interesting for people of all ages! Owner and wreck diver, Hille van Dieren, has been collecting unique discoveries from shipwrecks at Terschelling since 1975. The museum is packed with objects ranging in date from 1650 to the present. Discover the thrilling stories associated with these found objects. Behind the museum, you can also find a real pirate ship: ‘Woeste Willem’ (Ferocious William). There's a tree hut and a castle for kids to enjoy! Drinks and food are also available. Delve into history and visit this museum.

The Groenhof self-picking garden: pick vegetables, fruit and flowers together

You can find the Groenhof self-picking garden on the outskirts of the small village of Hoorn. You can pick everything: from flowers and fruit to vegetables and herbs (assuming they have ripened) Nothing is sprayed. Grab a basket, scissors and make it a fun activity with the kids. Then pop into the kitchen where you can cook or fry the picked vegetables and/or fruit together. It’s both educational and fun! Tip: they have a cosy terrace where they serve tasty fruit muffins. Seize the day!