Food and drinks

It’s holiday time! Take a break, go exploring, relax, and enjoy some fine dining. There are many quaint restaurants in West-Terschelling where you can dine. We would like to share a few tips! Try the island's regional specialties. Have you ever heard of ‘pondkoek’ (pound cake)? This is a Terschelling speciality. It's like the best of both worlds: spiced biscuits and taai-taai (gingerbread cookies). Furthermore, each bakery has its own secret recipe… Also try the ‘Schylger Jutters-Bitter’ herbal schnapps. A delicious herbal schnapps made from herbs found in the dunes of Terschelling. Terschelling flavour.

Eating out on Terschelling

  • ‘Paviljoen de Walvis’ (200 m): can be found on the ‘Groene strand’ (Green beach) where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mudflats and the Noordsvaarder nature reserve. Enjoy the view from the terrace, the conservatory, or on the veranda. You can have lunch, dinner, or just enjoy a drink. Your faithful four-legged friend is also welcome!
  • Boschrijck Brasserie (1.7 km): is located in the middle of the woods of West-Terschelling. There is a playground and an indoor children's paradise where the kids can play games. They will be busy for quite some time! In addition, there are also special children’s menus. The variety of dishes that change daily will astound you. You are also welcome to sample special beers, wines, and appetizers.
  • Eetcafé Storm (350 m): is also referred to as the cosiest bistro on Terschelling. Discover the typical ambience of the islanders, and the rich maritime history of Terschelling. Visit for lunch, dinner, or a drink. Delicious and reasonably priced. Did you know they also have their own beer brewery?
  • ’t Amsterdamsche koffijhuis (500 m): Although not in Amsterdam, this old-fashioned, cosy bistro can be found in the heart of West-Terschelling. It was a draper's shop until 1978. You are, of course, welcome to join for coffee, cakes, lunch, drinks, or dinner.