Fun & Entertainment

Children enjoy themselves with the comprehensive Fun & Entertainment program of Landal Het Land van Bartje all year round. At Bartje’s Farm and at the pony ranch is so much to do and to experience. Down below an example of what you can expect. At arrival, you will receive the current program of your stay. Getting bored is impossible!

Activities at the park, all year round

Children & Youth Sportive
 Mini Disco with Bollo Introduction lessons diving
Read out with Bollo Go-kart race
Making music with Bollo MTB clinics
Make up  
Toddler activities Laser tag
Baking cookies Sports activities at the multi-sport playing field

Family Pony ranch
Family bingo Pony riding (3-12 years) 
Time for Swieber (photo time)
Mini-golf On the pony around the park (5-12 years) 
Explore nature with
the discoverbox 
Bartjes deux chevaux

Brush, cuddle and hug (all ages)
  Ride through the woods (7-12 years)

Vaulting lessons (4-16 years)