Sportive and active

Being bored is impossible. Start with a game of table tennis, then jump on the air trampoline and follow that with mini golfing with the whole family. On the multi-sport playing field, the children can live it up with various sports, and there are also enough activities inside. After an active day, just flop down together on the sofa in your bungalow and make plans for the next day. So much to do!

Outdoor activities

Go outside and challenge each other with one of the many activities available at Landal Het Land van Bartje. Learn archery, play an exciting game of laser tag, build a large hut together, play sports on the sports field or find out who can play minigolf best. Plenty of options for an active holiday!

New: Pump track

Test your biking skills on this challenging track. Ride a special pump track bike and gain speed while going up hills and turns without having to peddle. And once you have mastered one track, we have another one ready to explore. Young guests can practice riding a bike on their very own track!

New: Bartje’s Adventure Golf

Challenge yourself to a fun game at our new Bartje’s Adventure Miniature golf course and see if you can hit a ‘hole in one’ through milk cans, across a winding bridge, underneath a horse and along ancient dolmen rocks. 

So much to do

Sport and game
  • Air hockey
  • Cycling package
  • Bike rental
    • E-bikes
    • Bicycles
    • Bicycle trailers
    • Go-karts
    • Child seats
    • Child carts
    • Fun bikes
    • Children's bicycles
  • Mini-golf course
  • Multi-sport playing field
  • Pool table
  • Table tennis tables
  • Table football

Horse riding

For beginners and advanced riders, there are various ways to ride during
your holiday at Landal Het Land van Bartje. The children take care of the ponies and learn to ride them, and there are also acrobatic lessons and woodland rides for advanced riders. 
All you need to know about the pony ranch

Activities at and around the park during your stay

Curious about which activities will be organised in and around the park
during your stay? You can see a total and current overview two weeks before your arrival in the Landal GreenParks App. Here, you can find all information about the activities
and events during your stay, as well as other park information:
More information


Golf enthusiasts can indulge themselves. Next to the park is the stunning Countrygolf Ees 18-hole par-3 course. Enjoy the peace and quiet and the natural surroundings while you play a round of golf on this woodland golf
course. Tee off from the driving range with covered tees and then continue
your game on the vast course. Never played golf? Then this is the place to
be because you don't need a golf licence to play on this golf course.

Other golf courses in the area: