Get your pony licence

The littlest ones get to know ponies during Time for Swieber. Petting, hugging and sitting on a pony is a big adventure for children up to 3 years old.  The children can participate in Cowboy Experience and Vaulting lessons, experience is not necessary.

Family excursions in and around the park

During the family excursions a park staff member will join you to explore the nature around the park. Discover the beautiful forests behind the park. Enjoy the lush green environment and experience beautiful moments with your whole family. Maximum 2 adults and 2 children.

Activities on the pony ranch

As part of the Fun & Entertainment programme, lots of activities are organised on the pony ranch. Here is part of our offering. You will receive the definite programme at your arrival.

Activity Age
Pony rides 3-12 years
Time for Swieber (photo moment)  to 3 years
Around the park on the pony 5-12 years 
Brush, cuddle, hug all ages
Vaulting from 8 years
Mini vaulting 3-8 years
Woodland ride (60 minutes) from 8 years ( at least 2 years of experience)
Cowboy experience 3-10 years

Together with your horse on holiday?

Have you booked a stay at Landal Het Land van Bartje and do you want to bring your horse? Les Chevaux will take care of your horse based on full board for a carefree holiday with your horse! The stables are only a 15-minutes bicycle ride from the park. Costs: € 17 per horse per day based on full board (straw as ground cover). Including roughage and fattening. Additional costs for sawdust or flax. For more information and prices, please contact reception.