Beauty and wellness

While the children go on a razzle, you can take the time to relax. Have some time for yourself and relax completely with a facial treatment or a massage. Come and relax in the beauty salon in the main building. The beauty specialist can come to your accommodation on request. Enjoy!

Enjoy the tranquillity

Beauty and wellness
  • Beauty Salon
  • Part treatments
  • Facial treatments
  • Massage treatments
  • Chair shiatsu

Beauty and massage in the beautysalon

In the central building, you will find our beauty salon where you can be pampered by a qualified and experienced beauty specialist supported by renowned brands like Medex and Weleda. See the treatments and massages below. A treatment can be designed and expanded as you wish. Book your treatment in good time at the park reception

Facial treatments


Your treatment consists of cleansing (scrub, light peeling), removal of impurities, facial massage to advance firm skin, facial mask and nurturing cream for eyes, neck and face. 
Price € 43.50. 


A facial treatment for men with special attention paid to eyebrows, nose and ear hair. 
Price € 43.50.

Hot oil

A facial treatment completed with hot oil, ampoules and warm compresses, after which the skin feels fresh, clean and young. 
Price € 51,25.

Partial treatments

Treatment Price
Dyeing eyelashes  € 12,10
Dyeing eyebrows  € 12,10
Epilation/waxing eyebrows  € 12,10 
Epilation of eyebrows, dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows  € 32,50 
Waxing chin, cheek or upper lip  € 12,10
Waxing bikini line or underarm  € 23
Waxing upper* or lower legs  € 24
Waxing upper* and lower legs  € 45

The partial treatments can be booked exclusively in combination with a complete treatment.
* Waxing of upper legs includes the bikini line.

Massages, manicure and pedicure

Relaxing (50 min)

Massage of back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, head and ears with a suitable oil. 
Price € 49.95. 

Chair shiatsu (25 min)

Chair shiatsu is an effective pressure point massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, in which you keep clothed. 
Price € 29.95.

Head(ache) (25 min)

A massage with attention for the muscles of the face, head, neck and shoulders. 
Price € 29.95. 

Feet (25 min)

A relaxing massage for the feet and lower legs. 
Price € 29.95. 


Care of nails and cuticles, nail bath, hand scrub, hand massage, wrap and cream. 
Price € 38.


Care treatment of feet and toenails. 
Price € 38.