Time for each other, that's what it's all about at Landal De Vers. Time to play and romp and enjoy the holiday. Both indoors and outdoors, because there are playgrounds and a playing field* and also an indoor play area*. Go on an adventure and discover the best places in the park!

* Will be closed from the 10th of January 2021 until May 2022 due to a renovation.

Children's fun at a glance

  • Bollo
  • Fun & Entertainment programme
    • On the weekends
    • During the Dutch school holidays
  • Bird feeding place
  • Playground(s)
  • Bug mansion
Landal Adventure: our new game for kids
Are you going to Landal GreenParks with your kids soon? Download our newest, innovative app Landal Adventure and send your kids on a digital scavenger hunt through nature in the holiday park. By collecting resources, they will be able to design and build their own digital tree house plus check it out in augmented reality. Discover Landal Adventure – our new game for kids

Fun & Entertainment

On weekends and during the Dutch school vacations, there is so much to do in the park. All sorts of fun activities are organised for young and old. The Fun & Entertainment team will tell you all about these when you arrive. Will you join us?

Renewed facilities at Landal de Vers

In 2022, Landal De Vers will have renovated facilities for young and old. The renovation will take place from January until June 2022. We'll be sharing soon what new facilities you can expect, so stay tuned!