Exotic Garden

While the children have fun in the subtropical Water Adventure Park, you can retreat to the Exotic Garden for some relaxation. Relax in the whirlpool, take a herbal bath or top up your tan in the quick tanner. In the infrared cabin, close your eyes and enjoy the moment.


Steam cabins

Pretend you’re in ancient Turkey and enjoy a twelve-minute steam bath. The cabin is filled with steam at around 40°C tot 45°C. To provide an even more sensational feeling, eucalyptus milk is added. This is a milk-like substance with natural oils. To give you a lovely fresh feel, finish your steam cabin experience with a lukewarm shower.

Infrared cabins

Find total relaxation in the infrared cabin. At a temperature of 45°C, you relax in the infrared rays. The infrared cabin is a nicely warm area.

Herbal baths

A herbal bath is certainly energising and refreshing. The pine extract added to the bubbling water has an antiseptic and energising effect. Based on natural oils, the extract soothes, promotes a good night’s sleep and eases your breathing. By the end, you’ll feel 10 years younger.

Quick tanner

Do you want a nice golden tan? Then use the quick tanner. Depending on a personal skin analysis, you can enjoy the wonderful heat for 4, 8 or 12 minutes. Because of the action of the ultraviolet light, you will soon have a nice golden tan.


Facilities Price (each time)
Quick tanners(4 minutes)                      € 2,50
Infrared cabins € 3
Steam cabins € 3
Herbal baths € 3