Also online on holiday

The park offers free Wi-Fi acces in the central facilities. In your accommodation it is possible to easily use wireless internet for an additional fee. If you are staying in a luxury bungalow, internet is free for you in the accommodation. In that case you will receive the Wi-Fi vouchers on arrival.

Vouchers and prices

Book your Wi-Fi voucher while making a reservation, or buy the voucher during your stay at the reception desk.

Type of voucher
Price at the park
Price at reservation
1 day
€ 12.50 -
Weekend/midweek € 22.50 € 19.50
Week € 32.50 € 29.50
Longer than one week (up to 28 days) € 42.50 € 39.50

  • Special prices are available for long stays
  • Access with a maximum of 6 devices per Wi-Fi code (in Luxury accommodations unlimited number of devices)
  • Free Wi-Fi in central facilitities