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Green inspiration bungalows at Landal Twenhaarsveld

Two existing holiday homes, built in 1985, at holiday park Landal Twenhaarsveld (Holten, Overijssel, the Netherlands) have undergone a complete green make-over. These bungalows no longer use natural gas, but are heated with a heat pump and use induction for cooking. The bungalows are also equipped with roof and glass insulation and solar panels on the roof. The interior is furnished with recycled or recyclable products. The bungalows were inaugurated on Tuesday. Not with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, but with a "Sustainable Dialogue”, which included representatives from the municipality, organisations and suppliers.

Sustainable living in existing houses. That is the goal of Landal GreenParks and green energy provider Greenchoice. These two companies have been working together since 2016 to develop various joint initiatives to make the Netherlands greener, inspire people and let guests experience what it's like to live in a sustainable home.

“We want to inspire our 2.8 million guests with sustainability during their holiday, when they have the time and the space to reflect on this. We hear and read a lot about a sustainable lifestyle, but what does that really mean in your own environment? These bungalows enable our guests to experience sustainability first hand, so they can apply this at home as well,” according to Thomas Heerkens, general director of Landal GreenParks.

Greenchoice wants to shift from being an energy provider to becoming a supplier of energy solutions. Evert den Boer, general director of Greenchoice: “The first step to a more sustainable life is choosing a green energy provider, but we believe we can do much more. We help our customers to generate green energy and reduce their energy consumption. We want to inspire people by giving them examples and showing them how comfortable a sustainable home can be. Our partnership with Landal GreenParks is a great fit for our goal.”

“Unforgettable holidays with a positive impact, that is our goal at Landal GreenParks. We are working on numerous interesting developments, such as the implementation of a completely sustainable park, Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen in the Netherlands, and 74 energy-neutral homes at Landal Mont Royal in Germany. Together with our partners, suppliers and of course our guests we are working on achieving this goal,” according to Tanja Roeleveld, Programme Manager Sustainable & Engaged Entrepreneurship at Landal and MVO Manager of the Year 2017.

Sustainable Dialogue
Our Sustainable Dialogue brought together ‘sustainable stakeholders’ and others involved in the green make-over to discuss issues such as: How do we speed up the process of sustainability? How can companies involve the consumer in making the Netherlands more sustainable? How can companies contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for all residents of the Netherlands? How can we inspire consumers to take small steps at home?

Actions speak louder than words
The Sustainable Dialogue included the following participants: MVO Nederland, Gemeente Holten, Duurzaam Holten, WakaWaka, Dutch Green Building Council, Van Wijnen Recreatiebouw and numerous suppliers and construction/installation companies. 40 participants at 5 different tables discussed the four statements. At the end of the day, Michel Schuurman, Director of Politics and Economics at MVO Nederland, presented a summary of the most important outcomes. “All participants agreed that the government should play a stronger role, but as individuals we must also take more initiative and not wait for the government to take the lead. We must put our money where our mouth is and take action. There is no lack of technology or funds. Government, financial institutions, suppliers and consumers must join forces. We must break down the major goals for 2030 and 2050 into small viable steps that can easily be achieved.”