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Landal GreenParks and Natuurmonumenten create unique experiences of nature

Marker Wadden, the new group of islands in the Markermeer, is being created on the initiative of Natuurmonumenten (Dutch Society for Nature Conservation). It is one of the biggest nature restoration projects in Europe. The only part of it that is accessible for the public is the Haveneiland. There are four small houses on the island’s harbour that will be rented out by Landal GreenParks. Guests will be welcome for short stays from spring 2020. The revenues will all find its way back to nature.

The Haveneiland has fabulous views and long footpaths and boardwalks, a lookout tower and bird watching hides. This uninhabited island is in the middle of nature and far away from busy everyday life. There is a small settlement where visitors are received and which includes an island pavilion, small buildings for management and monitoring, and a research station. The four small island houses in the harbour are furnished with sustainable furniture from IKEA and are entirely energy neutral. For Natuurmonumenten it was obvious that Landal, an expert in the area of sustainable holidays, would manage the rental. Even more so because exploring and experiencing nature is fundamental to Landal GreenParks, and it welcomes the opportunity to co-invest in research and nature conservation. Landal will not earn anything from the Marker Wadden, instead, all the revenues will benefit nature.

Landal GreenParks
The Directors of Natuurmonumenten and Landal GreenParks, Marc van den Tweel and Dirk Anbeek, had a look at the new nature park today.
“We are enormously proud that we could again contribute to the creation of new nature. We feel closely connected to nature and Landal Marker Wadden can offer guests an experience far away from everything, in the middle of nature,” said Dirk Anbeek, CEO of Landal GreenParks. “Our close cooperation with Natuurmonumenten has resulted in these sustainable, energy neutral island houses. Nature lovers will soon be able to book them through our website. We have agreed with Natuurmonumenten that the entire rental returns and the booking costs will be used for the further development of nature and research in this truly amazing area.”

Director Marc van den Tweel of Natuurmonumenten said “Nature conservation is best done in collaboration with nature lovers. We highly value our collaboration with Landal GreenParks which will allow more people to experience nature in a unique way while helping its conservation.”

Natuurmonumenten intends to turn the Marker Wadden into a large island group of 10,000 hectares. The islands will be built with the sand, clay and silt from the Markermeer. Natuurmonumenten is working with Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, to restore the nature of the Markermeer and to create new habitats for birds and fish, and to offer people the opportunity to get away from it all.
The Haveneiland (harbour island) of the Marker Wadden is open to the public. At the moment the island is still under development. The four island houses will be available for rent next spring at which point the ferry that regularly brought visitors to the island up to last month, will resume.

Strategic partnership
Marker Wadden is not the first time that Natuurmonumenten and Landal GreenParks are cooperating on a project. The organisations entered into a strategic partnership in 2005. In the past, Landal GreenParks and Natuurmonumenten planted thousands of trees to create new forests. This year, 35,000 m2 of flower meadows were planted in Landal GreenParks parks as part of Natuurmonumenten’s wild flower campaign, to help restore biodiversity. Landal GreenParks was also the main sponsor of Natuurmonumenten’s OERRR children’s programme.

Shared ambitions
Landal GreenParks and Natuurmonumenten share the intention to give people an unforgettable experience in nature. By working towards a positive impact on nature, they are creating the conservationists of the future.