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Redeveloped Mont Royal is sustainable and energy neutral

When building new accommodation units, Landal GreenParks actively looks for the most sustainable options. This is clearly visible in Landal Mont Royal in the German Mosel Valley where Landal GreenParks and Van Wijnen Recreatiebouw designed and built 74 gas-free, energy neutral bungalows.

The bungalows generate at least as much energy in a year as they use. The sustainable initiatives and Landal’s aim to operate climate neutrally by 2030 is not going unnoticed. Last week, Landal was named as the most sustainable travel supplier by the Sustainable Brand Index.

At least 2,300 solar panels are generating the energy that the new gas-free holiday homes need. The lighting in the halls and toilets are movement sensor operated and guests can turn off all the appliances and lights that do not require permanent power in one go using the ‘green button’. This prevents energy wastage. The air source heat pumps use outside air to warm the homes indoors and are coupled with high insulation value. This ensures that the holiday homes generate more energy every year than they use.

Other applications include kitchen taps with integrated hot water boilers to distribute cold, hot and boiling water, and wooden furniture made from recycled teak and oak. The carpeting in the bedrooms is made from completely recyclable scrapped fish nets, other recyclable flooring is made from a mix of PVC and from upcycled material.

More than 80% of the old bungalows is reused
The building method was also exceptional. The rubble from the demolished original bungalows was crushed on-site and reused to build the foundations of the new bungalows. Apart from reusing materials, this cut down on transport energy. By doing so, more than 80% of the material from the old bungalows was reused.

“This is a good example of circular economy. These houses reflect our goals of giving our guests the best holiday we can while reducing our impact on the environment,” said Thomas Heerkens, General Manager of Landal GreenParks. “This was the next step in our plans to build sustainable parks such as Landal De Reeuwijkse Plassen that opened in 2016 and was the most sustainable holiday park. Both parks are important components in our goals of being climate neutral in 2030 and contributing to conservation.”

“We took on the challenge of building Mont Royal as sustainably as possible with great enthusiasm. Working with Landal, we raised the bar and laid a firm foundation for new parks to be built sustainability,” said Klaas Odink, director of Van Wijnen Recreatiebouw.

Appreciation for Landal’s sustainability efforts
It was made known last week that consumers value Landal as the most sustainable travel brand with its #1 position in the Sustainable Brand Index. At the end of 2017, Tanja Roeleveld was nominated as MVO manager of the year.

For information about Landal GreenParks sustainability activities, see www.landal.nl/duurzaamheid.