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74 energy-neutral holiday homes at Landal Mont Royal

landal Mont Royal, one of the ten German holiday parks of Landal GreenParks, is going to replace 76 recreation homes for 74 new energy-neutral holiday homes with a high level of comfort. Landal is the first one to realize energy-neutral holiday homes this way.

What makes Landal Mont Royal unique is its location: high up between the vineyards, it is also within easy reach of wonderful towns and cities, such as Trier, Bernkastel-Kues and Cochem, all of which have rich histories. All of the park's bungalows offer exceptionally splendid views from the patio, with a number looking out over the valley. The Mosel area is perfect for wine lovers and foodies, and also for cyclists and hikers, who will discover wonderful routes and plenty of sights worth seeing along the way.

Sustainable construction
The new bungalows will accommodate 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people and are available in both a Comfort and a Luxury version. Nearly all of the patios will be south-facing and offer wonderful views. The bungalows were designed by Factor Architecten, with Van Wijnen Recreatiebouw taking care of construction. Landal GreenParks will rent out the holiday homes and operate the park. The latest insights into sustainability are being applied during construction of the holiday homes, influencing material selection, insulation standards and heating technology.

This new building development will be completely energy-neutral: the holiday homes will not use any more energy than they collectively generate. They will be fitted with solar panels and air heat pumps to provide heating and hot water. They will also feature an energy-efficient Green Design central heating fire - a wood-burning stove that also serves to heat the central heating system. There will be no gas connection to the homes. The building of these holiday homes is making a contribution to Landal's objective of increasing holiday enjoyment while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment.

“I am extremely enthusiastic about this particular innovation,” said Thomas Heerkens, Managing Director of Landal GreenParks. “It really is a progressive step that we are taking in our market. The design of these 74 homes and the level of luxury they offer are fantastic, and they fit in with our ambitions in terms of sustainability. Our guests will thoroughly enjoy holidaying in them."

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