Explore the Wadden Islands

Want to see the landscape, the cultural history, and the flora and fauna by foot? Walking is the best way to explore the Wadden Islands. Go on a walk on the beach, climb the dunes or stroll with the kids to the big red lighthouse. We have listed a few fun tips for you for each Wadden Island. Be inspired and enjoy the stunning nature together.


The west coast of Texel, in particular, offers good places to walk along the beach and in the dunes and woodland. The area of the Hoge Berg (High Mountain) between Den Burg and Oudeschild is suitable for those walkers who want to experience the original Texel landscape. At the VVV tourist information offices, various maps of the island are available that offer walkers sufficient guidance. You can also find various beautiful routes in the booklet 'Bicycle and Walking Trails'. This booklet is available at VVV tourist information offices but it can also be ordered online. One example of a beautiful walking trail is the walk through the Bleekersvallei valley.


Some 200 km of unpaved paths, suitable as walking trail, are spread over the island. Of this, 30 km have been specially installed as a nature trail. On Terschelling, you will certainly not see it all in one weekend! With a map in your pocket, you can determine your own path but you can also follow one of the marked hiking trails from Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch governmental organisation for forestry and the management of nature reserves). A handy guide that can be used for a lengthy walk is 'Terschelling on foot'. And there is nothing wrong with a Walking package of various routes with a cycling and walking map! For hiking trails from Natuurmonumenten (Society for the preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands) and Staatsbosbeheer, among other organisations, and a view of all tourist high points, you can consult the walking map 'Terschelling' from Staatsbosbeheer.
Hiking on Ameland is an adventure. Whether or not equipped with a backpack and nature guide of the flora and fauna, the true nature lover can indulge him or herself. The routes vary in length and lead the hiker through a rich diversity of landscapes and historic sights. You can order a book of hiking trails online.

While walking through and along the various landscapes on Schiermonnikoog, you can see many types of fauna - such as the numerous birds that have made their nest in the region and, with any luck, even seals. The hiking trail 'Woodland and Dune' is a walk of 2 to 2.5 hours from the village through the woodland and dune region. This route can be obtained at the Schiermonnikoog visitors centre.

At the parks

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Then choose the Fresh Air package. Explore the surroundings armed with a backpack filled with snacks and a detailed walking map. Enjoy everything you see on the way together. Before you book, check the possibilities at the park of your choice.