Explore Overijssel

Overijssel has something for everyone. This 'varied garden of the Netherlands' offers a range of landscapes: from wet moorlands to woods and country estates. We've listed some of the walking routes through these areas for you. Have you packed your walking shoes?

Hiking trails

Signed hiking trails 
On the VVV Overijssel website, you will find a list of the hiking trails in the region and where to get them.

Twente Walking Network 
Twente's walking network connects hundreds of kilometres of walks by means of numbered signs. You can recognise a starting point by an information panel showing a map of all the route options in the immediate surroundings. From a starting point, you can make a round tour of between 3 and 10 km. Just follow the coloured arrows on the route signs of your chosen route. On the way, at the numbered signs you can switch to another route with a different colour.
Nordic Walking in Salland 
With its beautiful countryside, hills and many gravel paths, the Sallandse Heuvelrug is a wonderful area for Nordic Walking! Specially for the Nordic Walker, there are 13 Nordic Walking routes with a signposted length totalling over 120 km. The walking network on the Sallandse Heuvelrug offers many challenges and the paths are easily accessible for Nordic Walkers. The routes vary in length (from 3 to 20 kilometres) and in difficulty.

At the parks

Do you love walking? If so, choose the Fresh Air package. Explore the surroundings and the countryside armed with a map and a backpack filled with snacks for on the way. Before you book, check out the options offered at the park of your choice.