Cycling in Overijssel

Are you planning to do a lot of cycling during your holiday? That's no problem in Overijssel! This province has a signposted cycling network of thousands of kilometres. And do you feel like doing something else on the way? Why not visit one of the attractions situated along the cycling routes!

Cycling routes

Cycle Route Network
Plan your own lovely cycle tours through Twente, Salland, the Vechtdal, IJsseldelta or Kop van Overijssel. You can do that with the cycle route network in Overijssel. Plan your route using 'junctions'. Follow the signs from junction to junction and decide how long your trip will take. Cycle maps of the regions are for sale from Tourist Information Offices (VVV). 

Route planner
On the Internet, you can easily plan your own routes using the cycle networks of Twente, Salland, Kop van Overijssel and Vechtdal.
The route planner shows you which route signs to follow for your chosen route and provides information about the attractions on the way. The route planner also shows the 'best routes' per region.

Signed routes 
The Tourist Information Office (VVV) website has a list of all the routes and where you can get them.

At the parks

In the holiday parks in Overijssel, you can rent adult, children's and mountain bikes. So leave your own bike at home and opt for the Cycling package. Discover the best spots in the region! Before you book, check out the options offered at the park of your choice.