Explore the Netherlands

Breathe in the healthy sea air during a relaxed walk on the beach or listen to beautiful bird song in woodland. Or would you prefer to walk to the Hunebedden (dolmen) in Drenthe or among the Limburg hills? On thing is sure, if you explore the surrounding area on foot, you will relax completely and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Check the hiking opportunities in each region below.

Hiking possibilities per region

Region Hiking possibilities
Drenthe Hiking in the Drenthe region 
Flevoland Hiking in the Flevoland region
Friesland  Hiking in the Friesland region 
Groningen Hiking in the Groningen region
Gelderland/Veluwe Hiking in the Gelderland/Veluwe region 
Limburg  Hiking in the Limburg region 
North Brabant  Hiking in the North Brabant region 
North Holland  Hiking in the North Holland region 
South Holland Hiking in the South Holland region
Overijssel  Hiking in the Overijssel region
Utrecht  Hiking in the Utrecht region
Wadden Islands  Hiking at the Wadden Islands
Zeeland  Hiking in the Zeeland region