Explore Groningen

Enjoy the countryside of Groningen on foot. The various hiking trails provide endless enjoyment through the varied landscape the region has on offer. Or will you go on a cultural walk through Groningen or a hike through National Park Lauwersmeer? It's wonderful out there! To get you started, we have listed a few of these trails for you.

Hiking trails

Mudflat trips
If you are staying at Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh, you can make a great mudflat trip from various starting points on the Groningen coast. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to Pieterburen, from where various trips are organised. Take a hike over the Wadden or walk to Ameland or Schiermonnikoog.
More information about the Dijkstra mudflat walks
Hiking in Groningen
You can discover beautiful, varied landscapes or enjoy a cultural walk. Groningen is known for its 'struunroutes', meaning relaxed walking. The various routes with lenghts between 10 and 20 km are passing the most beautiful places in Groningen. Comprehensive route descriptions are available from the VVV tourist information office. You can also take part in a mudflat walk on the Groningen coast where you can walk to Rottumeroog.

At the parks

At almost all the parks, we offer the Fresh Air package to hiking enthusiasts. Make sure you're ready to explore the beautiful surroundings. Before you book, check the options available at your chosen park.