Explore Gelderland

Gelderland, a province with varying landscape. Discover it on foot! And really experience everything that Gelderland's beautiful countryside has to offer. Will you go to the Veluwe, the Betuwe or the Achterhoek? We've listed some of the hiking trails through this area for you here.

Hiking Trails

Gelderland trail 
This trail follows Gelderland's border and is also called the Grote Gelderse Grensroute (Gelderland's long hiking trail). The route is about 700 km long and consists of 36 sections of about 20 km each. Discover the different sides to Gelderland, the Netherland's biggest province. 

Groene Haltes 
The Veluwe has so called 'Groene Haltes'. These are bus stops where you can start and end your walk. A bus stops there at least once an hour, even in the weekend. There are twelve Groene Halte hiking trails that have been combined in a special collection. This can be found at the VVV Tourist Offices at the Veluwe.

Nordic Walking routes 
You can practice Nordic Walking at different levels of difficulty. This is what makes the sport appeal to everyone. Whether you are just starting or more advanced, there is always a Nordic Walking route to suit you in Gelderland.
Klompenpaden (clog paths) are tours through the agricultural culture landscape. Wherever possible, they take a historic route over unpaved footpaths via farmland and country estates. Tranquillity, small scale and the combination of culture and nature determine the atmosphere and tell the locals and hikers the history of their surroundings. 

Check out www.de-veluwenaar.nl for lovely pictures and blogs about hiking in the Veluwe.

At the parks

At almost all the parks, we offer the Fresh Air package to hiking enthusiasts. A lovely walk into a local village for a cup of coffee and cake... there are plenty of things to do! Before you book, check the options available at the park of your choice.