Discover South Bohemia

South Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, is an ideal region for going on endless hikes. The mountainous landscape has well-signposted trails. Enjoy the fresh outside air and the many sides to the Czech countryside! We have listed some of the best trails here. Would you like to come and discover the region on foot?


Sumava National Park
The Sumava National Park is one of the vastest forested areas in Middle Europe. Hiking is good in the hilly landscape of the Bohemian forest. The vast plains are absolutely worth a visit.

Lipno reservoir
The Lipno reservoir is the first of the Moldaucascades; reservoirs in the Moldau river. The lake is a perfect site for recreation and is visited by many aquatic enthusiasts all year round. The panoramic surroundings of the reservoir are amazing! There are stunning walks to be made in the untouched nature in the hills, mountains and vast forests. You will adore the amazing views.
City walk in Ceské Budejovice
The city of Budweis (Ceské Budejovice) with 100,000 inhabitants is the biggest city in South Bohemia. It has some interesting tourist attractions like the famous Premsyl Otakar II square, the Samsom fountain and the town hall. Why don't you treat yourself to the world-famous Budweiser beer when you're done?

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is also popular in the Czech Republic. There are diverse routes starting in Lipno that take you through the deep forests. Walk along the mountain stream to the Devil's Rock, follow the Bear Trail or go for the straightforward Nordic Walking route.

At the park

At almost all the parks, we offer hiking enthusiasts the Fresh Air package. Go for a wonderful walk with a map and snacks for on the way... Before you book, check the possibilities at the park of your choice.