Cycling in Sauerland

Over 2,000 km of cycling routes provide you with an active way to explore Sauerland. A tour on the road or through the woods is definitely worthwhile in this wonderful natural environment. Sauerland is also ideal for an adventurous mountain bike tour. Check out our active tips below!

Cycling routes

Bike-Arena Sauerland 
Cycle through the hilly landscape of Sauerland. Over the hills, mountains and through gorgeous valleys, you pass various lakes where you can enjoy a lovely picnic. The routes take you on a wonderful cycling adventure!

Lenne route 
This beautiful cycle route starts at the source of the Lenne and follows the river through the landscape. The 140-km route takes you past three nature reserves: the Rothaarsteig Mountains, the Homert Nature Park and the Ebbe Mountains. 

Find it difficult to climb the hills and mountains? Why not rent an e-bike! This sporty electric bike boosts your pedalling power. You can rent an e-bike in Winterberg or in one of the other places in Sauerland. 
Mountain biking
Explore the lovely surroundings of Landal Winterberg on a mountain bike. Sauerland is the perfect place for an active holiday. 

Winterberg Bike Park 

The active mountain biker can enjoy the thrill of one of the downhill tracks at Winterberg Bike Park. Covering 8 kilometres, the various professional tracks enable you to improve your technique. Back in the valley, you can take the lift which takes you and your bike back to the top.

At the parks

Various cycle routes start near the German Landal GreenParks. Get on the bike and follow one of the routes. Or would you rather have the Cycling package? This will let you explore the best spots in the region! Before you book, check out the options offered at the park of your choice.