Cycling in Saar/Hunsrück

Forget what's happening around you in the vast nature that is Saar/Hunsrück. Fantastic cycling routes run throughout the whole area, giving you that real holiday feeling. Picturesque villages, idyllic vineyards and rivers characterise the landscape. Are you going to get on the bike while you're here?

Cycling routes

Discover Saar 
The Saar cycling route takes you through spectacular surroundings with vast woodland, sun-drenched vineyards and bizarre rock formations. The 33 km long route starts in Saarhölzbach and ends in Konz.

Cycle route through Hünsruck
The Ruwer-Hochwald cycle route is a former railway line which has now been paved over to form a cycle path. The route runs from Hermeskeil via Reinsfeld, Kell am See and Zerf to Trier-Ruwer. Between the Mosel valley and Hochwald, you will cycle across seven bridges through the vineyards. This route is around 2 km from Landal Hochwald.
A 30 kilometre bike ride through valleys and downhill tracks in dense woodland...who wouldn't want to? The Hunsrück-Mosel cycle route starts from the train station. Don't forget to take a breather along the way and enjoy the surroundings. 

Mountain bike routes
View de surroundings by mountain bike! There are several challenging mountain bike routes in the Saar/Hunsrück region to guarantee the ultimate in fun rides. The routes around Kell am See afford fantastic views over the woodland surroundings and its valleys.

At the parks

At the parks in Germany, you can rent bikes for adults and children, and mountain bikes. Follow one of the cycling routes or opt for the Cycling package. To have everything at hand to discover nature. Before you book, check the possibilities at the park of your choice.