Explore Harz

The Harz region is well-known as an outstanding hiking area, so take your walking boots with you! The countless hiking routes invite you to enjoy the relaxing nature and fresh mountain air on foot. What awaits you is an unforgettable hiking adventure.


Harz Witches Trail
One of the most beautiful trails in Germany is the Harz Witches' Trail. The paths lead you alongside calm rivers, spectacular valleys, imposing reservoirs and old mines. On the way, you can enjoy the impressive beauty of nature.

Selke Valley Trail
The long-distance trail takes you through the beautiful valleys of the Selke valley. The 67 km long Selke Valley Trail carries you through unspoiled nature. You end the walk in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Quedlinberg
Harz Baudensteig
A spectacular trail has been created through the beautiful natural landscape and the Harz national park. The Harz Baudensteig is a 100 km long trail that is divided into six stages. Stages 3 and 4 offer a number of great tourist attractions, look-out towers and a falconry along the way; an absolute must for all the family!

Nordic Walking
There are lots of Nordic walking trails routes leading through unspoiled nature and the surrounding area. Along the way, you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramas and stop off wherever you fancy.

At the parks

At almost all the parks, we offer hiking enthusiasts the Fresh Air package. Go for a wonderful walk with a map and snacks for on the way... Before you book, check the possibilities at the park of your choice.