Explore the Ardennes

There are many hiking trails waiting for you in the immediate vicinity of our two parks in the Ardennes. The extensive network of hiking trails means this region is a hiker's paradise. The receptions at our parks will be happy to give you tips and information on the hiking trails.
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Hiking trails

Mapped hiking trails
The Ardennes offers many hiking trails both for beginners and for experienced hikers. Various nature trails start from Rahier, leading you through the most beautiful scenery. Jumping from rock to rock to crossing a stream, climbing a steep hill, these are all obstacles to turn your trip into an adventure.

City walks 
In the surrounding area of holiday park Landal Village les Gottales, you can go on a fine city walk. You can join guided nature walks from the city of Spa. 

Nordic Walking 
Don't forget your Nordic Walking poles if you're visiting the Ardennes. The many hiking trails will give you ample opportunity to engage in Nordic Walking. If you don't have your own equipment or have forgotten to take them, you can also hire Nordic Walking poles at Landal Village les Gottales.

At the parks

At the holiday parks of Landal GreenParks, we know how popular hiking is. For hiking enthusiasts, we offer the Fresh Air package. It allows you to discover the most beautiful places in the region. Before you book, check the options available at your chosen park.