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Parks general

Can I use the internet at the parks for free?
Wireless internet is available for free throughout all of our parks*.  Do you experience problems logging in or do you have questions? Please contact the park reception.

*With the exception of Resort Haamstede, Villapark Livingstone and Nieuwvliet-Bad.
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Where are the newest parks of Landal GreenParks?
We frequently open new parks or take over existing ones. View a summary of the newest parks here.
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Can I bring my pet(s)?
It's great that you wish to bring your pet with you during your holiday. This is possible in practically every park. Each accommodation allows one or two pets. When making your reservation, you can specify how many pets you want to bring with you on your trip. Then you can check which parks have availability for pet-friendly accommodations. Dogs can even stay in special dog bungalows!
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Can fireworks be let off at the parks?
If you prefer not to see fireworks, you can spend New Year's Eve at one of the designated fireworks-free parks. This is useful if you have a scared pet or if you want to enjoy the holidays quietly and without causing a commotion. Fireworks are permitted in other parks over the New Year's holiday.
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What kind of animation is there at the park?
You will find more information about this in the Landal app.
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What is the smoking policy at the parks?
It is forbidden to smoke in public spaces, such as restaurants and plazas, at all the Landal GreenParks. Landal GreenParks provide non-smoking accommodation as well as accommodation in which smoking is allowed. When you make your booking, you can state whether you prefer non-smoking or smoking.
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Are barbecues permitted at the parks?
At most parks, barbecues can be used next to the accommodation. Barbecuing is not allowed when you have booked an apartment or when there is extreme drought. Some parks offer a delicious barbecue package, which you can order by logging into your My Landal account. In addition, our park shops often sell disposable barbecues. Enjoy your meal!
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Which parks have a subtropical swimming paradise?
At Landal Het VennenbosLandal De Lommerbergen and Hof van Saksen. Have a great time swimming!
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Which parks have beauty and wellness facilities?
Feel fit and healthy during your stay with beauty and wellness amenities! Relax, enjoy, and take time for yourself. Enjoy beauty and wellness facilities in the park or in your own home, such as a sun shower or sauna. View our parks with sauna and wellness facilities.
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Which parks have golf facilities?
Both expert and inexperienced golfers can tee off at a variety of holiday parks on the park's golf course or at a nearby golf club. Do you wish to hit a ball but don't have a GVB? A handful of parks are directly adjacent to a Pitch & Putt golf course. View our parks where you may play golf by clicking here.
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Special bungalows

Are there special dog accommodations?
Some parks have accommodations designed for a vacation with your dog.
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Which parks have children's bungalows?
A number of parks provide child-friendly accommodations. These are specially designed to be child-friendly and safe, and are ideal for families with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They have children's toys, a changing mat, a changing table, a children's chair, a bed and bath, and a sandbox (outside). In addition, a stair gate and child-safe sockets make a children's room more secure. The children's bedrooms of the accommodations are equipped with a bunk bed and/or loft bed. There is often a playground a short distance from the bungalows.
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Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for the disabled?
You can stay in specially adapted accommodations for the disabled at several parks. The bathroom, toilet, and/or kitchen, for example, have been modified. So you won't have to worry!
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Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for asthma and COPD sufferers?
Yes. People suffering from asthma or COPD can stay in specifically designed asthma/COPD-friendly accommodations known as lung villas. Smooth carpets, as well as laminate and tile floors, can be found in these rooms. There isn't any fireplace (with the exception of a few parks). Furthermore, when selecting the material for the drapes and furniture, we followed the Longfonds standards. There is no smoking in these apartments, and dogs are not permitted. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning the accommodations, our crew adheres to strict guidelines. To reserve a long villa, please contact our Contact Center.
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Is customised care provided in the bungalows?
For guests who want more direction and care, we have a partnership with Comfortzorg. This is one of the most reputable and experienced firms in the industry of holiday home care. As a result, you can rely on attention and resources at all of our Dutch parks. The desired nursing, care, and medical aids will be arranged and recorded in telephone consultation with you. Comfortzorg can be reached at 0900-234 12 34.
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Which parks have accommodations for 10 people or more?
At all the parks, it is possible to book several accommodations near each other. Several parks also have chalets that accommodate 10, 12 or even more people. 

Reunion bungalows
In addition, three Landal GreenParks locations have reunion bungalows. These reunion bungalows are comprised of three detached 6-person chalets situated next to each other, together with an extra chalet that has been transformed into one very large living room with a large kitchen. A maximum of 18 people can therefore stay overnight in the three chalets, where they can breakfast separately with their family or friends if they wish. You can use the luxury living room bungalow as a gathering place where you can meet for a drink, a cup of coffee or even cook and dine with the entire group of 18 people. 

Groups and events
Groups and events Landal Business Line is specialised in large groups and family events. If you book more than 10 bungalows, we can customise your stay to meet your requirements. For example, we can organise cooking sessions or sports programmes at the park using our own chefs or sports and recreation teams. .
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Winter sports

What does a ski pass cost?
Brandnertal Vorarlberg
Brandnertal ski pass: approx. €176 (for 6 days). This ski pass is valid in more areas around Landal Brandnertal and Landal Chalet Matin
Chalet Matin Vorarlberg
Brandnertal ski pass: approx. €176 (for 6 days). This ski pass is valid in more areas around Landal Brandnertal and Landal Chalet Matin
Hochmontafon Vorarlberg 
Montafon-ski pass: approx. € 185 (for 6 days)
Katschberg Carinthia
Katschberg-ski pass: approx. € 199 (for 6 days), Lungau-Ski pass: Katschberg, Aineck, Großeck-Speierech, Fanningberg and Obertauern approx. € 196 (for 6 days), Oberlungau-ski pass: Katschberg-Aineck, Speiereck and Fanningberg approx. € 183 (for 6 days)
Bad Kleinkirchheim Carinthia
Bad Kleinkirchheim-ski pass: approx. € 199 (for 6 days). This ski pass is valid in all ski areas in Carinthia (in total 1.000 kilometres ski slopes)
Rehrenberg Salzburgerland Ski circuit Saalbach/Hinterglemm/Leogang: approx. between € 145 and € 210 (for 6 days)
Alpine Lodge Lenzerheide
Ski pass Arosa-Lenzerheide: approx. CHF 332 for adults (for 6 days)
Central Switzerland
Stoos-ski pass: approx. CHF 215 for adults (for 6 days)
The Czech Republic
Marina Lipno 
Target price € 95 (for 6 days). Available at the reception. Ski passes are offered in the main season with 10% discount.
Ski carousel Winterberg ski pass: approx. € 86 (for 6 days)
Salztal Paradies
Harz Ski pass for adults € 31 per day, ski pass for children aged 16 and younger € 15 per day
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From which age are children allowed to have ski lessons
This is permitted beginning at the age of three. In the proximity of all of the parks, youngsters can take ski lessons.
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Do the winter sports parks provide ski lessons?
Ski lessons are available at all winter sports parks in Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. With the exception of Landal Vierwaldstättersee, you can book this in advance through Landal. If you book your ski lessons ahead of time, you will receive a 5% discount on your ski rental. To make a reservation, please contact the park reception.
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