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Can I take out travel and/or cancellation insurance via Landal GreenParks?
Yes, you are able to do this. We offer travel and cancellation insurance in collaboration with Europ Assistance.
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How old must you be to make a booking at Landal GreenParks?
We only accept reservations from people who are 18 years of age or older. The main booker must also be present during the stay. Reservations made by people under the age of 18 are not valid. 

We reserve the right to refuse any changes to reservations, especially for groups, or to impose special conditions on them without giving any reason.
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What is included in the rent and what is not?
Included in the rental:
  • Electricity, gas and heating (except parks in Denmark)
  • A cot and high chair are included. Check the invoice to be sure if this also applies to the park where you are staying.
  • Access to (indoor) swimming pool (if available) 
  • VAT
  • Cleaning fee
Mandatory additional costs
  • Booking fee
  • Bed linen per person and children's bed linen
  • Tourist tax per person, per night (the amount differs per park)
  • Are you taking pets with you? You pay per pet.

Under 'booking information' in your account, you can find out more about the exact price structure for your booked holiday. Here you can see the amounts and the VAT percentage calculated.
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What are the Terms and Conditions for Landal GreenParks?
You can view the General Terms and Conditions for Landal GreenParks here.
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Is it possible to use the facilities at the park without staying there?
Contact the park reception to ask about the possibilities.
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Preferences, special needs

Do you also have car-free parks?
Yes. To find out if a park is car-free, go to 'park info' on the park's page.
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I want to stay at a park for a longer time. Where can I find more information?
We will be happy to help you. You can find more information at Landal Businessline.
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I only want to stay 1 or 2 night(s), is this also possible?
This is only possible for stays in Denmark. For the other countries, you can make a bookint for stays from Friday to Monday. That's 3 nights in total. Of course, it is always possible to check out earlier for stays of 3 nights.
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Are all accommodations non-smoking?
If your daily life is free from smoke, so should your holiday be! There are some non-smoking accommodations in our parks and all our children's bungalows are non-smoking. The amount of non-smoking accommodation is limited and is different for each park. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a non-smoking guarantee. With this category we have to rely on our guests to adhere to the no-smoking rule. Please state your preference when making your booking.
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What is the difference between comfort, luxury or extra luxury accommodation?
Our basic accommodation is functional and simply furnished. Would you like more than that? Think hot tub, sauna and/or beds made on arrival? Then go for comfort, luxury or extra luxury.
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Can fireworks be let off at the parks?
If you prefer not to see fireworks, you can spend New Year's Eve at one of the designated fireworks-free parks. This is useful if you have a scared pet or if you want to enjoy the holidays quietly and without causing a commotion. Fireworks are permitted in other parks over the New Year's holiday.
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Which parks have children's bungalows?
A number of parks provide child-friendly accommodations. These are specially designed to be child-friendly and safe, and are ideal for families with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They have children's toys, a changing mat, a changing table, a children's chair, a bed and bath, and a sandbox (outside). In addition, a stair gate and child-safe sockets make a children's room more secure. The children's bedrooms of the accommodations are equipped with a bunk bed and/or loft bed. There is often a playground a short distance from the bungalows.
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Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for the disabled?
You can stay in specially adapted accommodations for the disabled at several parks. The bathroom, toilet, and/or kitchen, for example, have been modified. So you won't have to worry!
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Do any of the parks have accommodations suitable for asthma and COPD sufferers?
Yes. People suffering from asthma or COPD can stay in specifically designed asthma/COPD-friendly accommodations known as lung villas. Smooth carpets, as well as laminate and tile floors, can be found in these rooms. There isn't any fireplace (with the exception of a few parks). Furthermore, when selecting the material for the drapes and furniture, we followed the Longfonds standards. There is no smoking in these apartments, and dogs are not permitted. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning the accommodations, our crew adheres to strict guidelines. To reserve a long villa, please contact our Contact Center.
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Is customised care provided in the bungalows?
For guests who want more direction and care, we have a partnership with Comfortzorg. This is one of the most reputable and experienced firms in the industry of holiday home care. As a result, you can rely on attention and resources at all of our Dutch parks. The desired nursing, care, and medical aids will be arranged and recorded in telephone consultation with you. Comfortzorg can be reached at 0900-234 12 34.
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Which parks have accommodations with a fenced garden?
Different parks have accommodations with a fenced garden or enclosed patio. You can ask for them specifically when you make you booking.
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With pets

Can I bring my pet(s)?
Nice that you want to take your pet with you on your holiday, this is possible at almost all parks. There are 1 or 2 pets welcome per accommodation. We even have special dog bungalows for dogs! If you search for an accommodation or park, you can indicate 'pets allowed' in the filters. This filter can be found under 'special accommodations'. You will then see the accommodations/parks available for the date you specified. When you book the park, you can indicate in the shopping basket how many pets you are taking with you. We will then add your pets to your booking and adjust the price accordingly.

Already have a booking and want to add or remove a pet? Make your change here.
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Are there special dog accommodations?
Some parks have accommodations designed for a vacation with your dog.
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Multiple accommodations

How many accommodations can I book at once?
A maximum of 4 accommodations at the same time can be booked via our website. You can put together your combination reservation at one park and for one travel period. The bungalow types can be different and can also be a combination of a bungalow and a camping pitch. When you book several bungalows at the same time, you only pay reservation costs once. Do you prefer to book several bungalows next to each other? Which can! Select the desired house numbers in preferences (you only pay preference costs once).

Do you want to book more than 4 bungalows at the same time? Please contact our Contact Center. Do you want to book more than 25 accommodations at the same time? Then you can contact our Business Line department. The telephone number of this department is +31 (0)88 - 205 98 88.
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I booked several accommodations at once, do I pay double booking fees now?
No, you only pay booking fees once.
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I have booked several accommodations at once, are they close to each other?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this. We advise you to choose a house number for each accommodation for a one-off payment (€35). This way you can be sure that the accommodation is located near each other.
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For administration

When and how will I receive confirmation of my reservation?
We will send you an email with a reservation confirmation within 24 hours. Check your junk mail as well, just to be sure. Did you lose or not receive the reservation confirmation? Please get in touch with the Contact Center. The reservation confirmation will then be resent to you. Keep your confirmation email safe and bring it with you to the park.

Tip: If you show the reservation confirmation on your phone, you won't need to print it.
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I have lost my booking confirmation. What should I do?
You will receive your booking confirmation and invoice by e-mail within 24 hours after your booking has been processed. Check to make sure that it is not in your junk e-mails. Is this not the case? Please call the Contact Center if you have lost your confirmation. We will then send your booking confirmation again by e-mail. Please call the Contact Center on tel. +31-(0)70 300 35 06.
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Where can I find the invoice?

You can find the invoice in the reservation confirmation e-mail we sent you. 

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