Special bungalows

  • At all the parks, it is possible to book several accommodations near each other. Several parks also have chalets that accommodate 10, 12 or even more people. 

    Reunion bungalows
    In addition, three Landal GreenParks locations have reunion bungalows. These reunion bungalows are comprised of three detached 6-person chalets situated next to each other, together with an extra chalet that has been transformed into one very large living room with a large kitchen. A maximum of 18 people can therefore stay overnight in the three chalets, where they can breakfast separately with their family or friends if they wish. You can use the luxury living room bungalow as a gathering place where you can meet for a drink, a cup of coffee or even cook and dine with the entire group of 18 people. 

    Groups and events
    Groups and events Landal Business Line is specialised in large groups and family events. If you book more than 10 bungalows, we can customise your stay to meet your requirements. For example, we can organise cooking sessions or sports programmes at the park using our own chefs or sports and recreation teams. .

    More for large groups
  • A number of Landal GreenParks have children's bungalows. The children's bungalows are especially child-friendly and furnished with safety in mind. They are suitable for families with babies as well as toddlers and young children. They have all the necessary attributes such as lovely children's furniture and toys, a changing mat and dresser, a highchair, cot and baby bath, an outdoor sandpit and special safety provisions such as a stair gate and child-safe electrical sockets. The children’s bedrooms in the chalets are equipped with a bunk bed and/or raised bed, and some of these rooms have a fun mural. There is often a playground a short distance from the bungalow.
    Our children's accommodations
  • For guests that require extra care and support, Landal GreenParks has formed a partnership with Comfortzorg, one of the leading and most experienced organisations in providing homecare in holiday accommodation. At all of our parks in the Netherlands, you can count on the Comfortzorg network to provide you with the care as well as aids and appliances that you would receive at home. The nursing, care, aids and appliances that you require will be arranged and assigned to you during a telephone consultation. To arrange this you must call Comfortzorg on 0900-2341234.
  • Landal GreenParks has specially modified asthma and COPD-friendly accommodations for people with asthma or COPD. These accommodations have smooth floor coverings, such as laminate flooring or tiles. With the exception of a couple of parks, the accommodation does not have an open fire and Asthma Fund guidelines were used to determine the choice of material for curtains and furniture. Naturally, pets and smoking are not allowed in this accommodation. The cleaning service also follows a special set of instructions. 

    Our Lung villa's
  • Different parks have accommodation that is adapted to suit disabled people. Modifications in the accommodation will include the bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen.
    Our Accessible accommodations