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  • New parks are regularly opened or taken over by Landal GreenParks. The following is an overview of the latest parks that have been opened or purchased in the past five years or have yet to open.
    The newest parks of Landal GreenParks
  • Wireless internet is available in almost all of our parks. During your holiday, you can email, play games, chat, surf the web as you usually do. And… you can send photos and videos directly from your holiday location. Just as easily as at home. Online in the countryside. Its all possible at Landal Green Parks.

    Although Wi-Fi is available in our parks, their location in the heart of the countryside means that the capacity and signal in your accommodation will not always be optimal. You can use the Wi-Fi connection to browse websites or check email. You may experience problems when using streaming services, gaming online and/or downloading large files. The Wi-Fi connection at the park often works better on laptops and tablets compared to smartphones. Laptops and tablets are equipped with more powerful antennas, which means the Wi-Fi connection will be stronger.
  • A maximum of one or two pets are allowed at almost all the parks.
  • Some parks do not allow fireworks to be let off on New Year's Eve 2020/2021.
  • At most parks, barbecues can be used next to the accommodation. However, there are a few exceptions:
    A number of parks specify certain rules. You can ask about these rules at the park reception
  • With over 85 holiday villages and 7 campsites in the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark and the United Kingdom, Landal GreenParks has something for everyone. Would you like to walk in the woods or over the heathland, along the beach or even in the mountains? All the parks are in the most beautiful locations in the heart of the countryside. It doesn't matter what you prefer: every holiday village has the peace and quiet, space and countryside that you are used to at Landal. 

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  • You will find the map for a specific park on the park pages for the relevant park under the heading 'general'. The maps are subject to change.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in public spaces, such as restaurants and plazas, at all the Landal GreenParks. Landal GreenParks provide non-smoking accommodation as well as accommodation in which smoking is allowed. When you make your booking, you can state whether you prefer non-smoking or smoking.