• If your daily life is free from smoke, so should your holiday be! There are some non-smoking accommodations in our parks and all our children's bungalows are non-smoking. The amount of non-smoking accommodation is limited and is different for each park. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a non-smoking guarantee. With this category we have to rely on our guests to adhere to the no-smoking rule. Please state your preference when making your booking.
  • At Landal GreenParks you can enjoy exactly the type of holiday you want: from very simple to wonderfully luxurious. Would you like an apartment, a chalet or your own country cottage with private sauna? You can also bring your tent and stay at a campsite. But we also have chalets in wonderful locations in beautiful winter sports areas or even magnificent thatched farmhouses. Whatever you choose, you will always be surrounded by beautiful countryside and able to enjoy the many facilities at the park. You will be in an environment where there is so much to explore. Are you planning to come with a few friends, the children or with a whole group? Or are you thinking of a family reunion or the 40th wedding anniversary of your grandparents? You can have as much fun as you like in one of our larger chalets or our special reunion chalets.

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  • At many of the parks, the accommodation is owned by different private individuals. The furnishings and layout in the accommodation can therefore be different.
  • Landal GreenParks has both car-free and car-accessible parks. At car-accessible parks it is perfectly all right to park beside your accommodation. You cannot park your car beside your accommodation on a car-free park. However, it is possible to load and unload at your accommodation. If you can demonstrate you have difficulty walking, you can obtain a special parking licence that will enable you to park beside your accommodation. A parking licence will be issued by the park reception when you arrive on presentation of your disabled badge or a letter from your doctor. If you do not have either of these you can also state that you wish to book accommodation near the car park.

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  • At all the parks, it is possible to book several accommodations near each other. Several parks also have chalets that accommodate 10, 12 or even more people. 

    Reunion bungalows
    In addition, three Landal GreenParks locations have reunion bungalows. These reunion bungalows are comprised of three detached 6-person chalets situated next to each other, together with an extra chalet that has been transformed into one very large living room with a large kitchen. A maximum of 18 people can therefore stay overnight in the three chalets, where they can breakfast separately with their family or friends if they wish. You can use the luxury living room bungalow as a gathering place where you can meet for a drink, a cup of coffee or even cook and dine with the entire group of 18 people. 

    Groups and events
    Groups and events Landal Business Line is specialised in large groups and family events. If you book more than 10 bungalows, we can customise your stay to meet your requirements. For example, we can organise cooking sessions or sports programmes at the park using our own chefs or sports and recreation teams. .

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  • On the website for the relevant park, click on the heading 'accommodation' and then tick your booked accommodation. The details and the floor plan for your accommodation will then be displayed.
  • Different parks have accommodations with a fenced garden or enclosed patio. You can ask for them specifically when you make you booking.
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  • A maximum of one or two pets are allowed at almost all the parks.