Formation of agreement

The following information is part of the additional terms and conditions of Landal GreenParks.

Right of withdrawal
Landal GreenParks points out to you that the reservations you make are legally binding. A right of withdrawal (the so called reflection period of 14 days) is not applicable on the agreements you enter into with Landal GreenParks.
Article 2 - Bookings

2.1 Landal GreenParks shall only handle bookings/reservations made by persons of 18 years and over. Bookings/reservations made by persons under the age of 18 shall be invalid.
2.2 Landal GreenParks reserves the right at all times to refuse (or set special conditions) to handle any non-standard bookings, particularly from groups, without giving reasons.
2.3 Should Landal GreenParks handle your booking Landal GreenParks shall send you confirmation, which will also be your invoice, within 14 days of the booking being made. You are to check this for accuracy immediately upon receipt and notify Landal GreenParks of any inaccuracies immediately.
2.4 If you have not received your confirmation/invoice within 14 days of booking, you should contact the booking office immediately; no claims on the grounds of the booking shall be accepted should you have failed to do so.
2.5 An agreement between you and Landal GreenParks shall exist from the moment Landal GreenParks has confirmed your reservation.
2.6 This agreement relates to the letting of accommodation and/or camping pitch and/or other facilities for recreational use, which by its nature is short term.

Article 5 - Prices 
5.3 Insofar as applicable, all prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Article 7 - Payments
7.1 When you make the reservation you are required to make a down payment of 30% of the total amount to be paid. In respect of camping pitches a down payment of 50% of the total amount to be paid must be paid.
7.2 Landal GreenParks must receive the remaining amount of rent due no later than 8 weeks before the commencement of the stay at Landal GreenParks as specified in the booking confirmation.
7.3 In the event of booking within 4 weeks before the start of your stay the total amount to be paid must be paid immediately. If that amount has not been credited (in full) to the bank account of Landal GreenParks by the time you arrive at the park, you shall be required to pay the (remainder of the) booking amount on site. If you fail to pay in accordance with the above specifications Landal GreenParks may deny you the use of the accommodation and/or camping pitch and/or other facilities. Should it later emerge that you had indeed issued a payment order but that the amount had not yet been paid into the Landal GreenParks bank account by the time of your arrival, the excess amount paid will be repaid in arrears.
7.4 Should the invoiced amounts not have been paid promptly you shall be in default immediately upon expiry of the payment term. In such event. In such event Landal GreenParks shall be entitled to dissolve (cancel) the agreement and you shall be liable for any damages incurred or yet to be incurred by Landal GreenParks in connection with your booking and the dissolution thereof. Landal GreenParks shall, in any event, be entitled to charge cancellation costs for each accommodation. In such case the provisions of Clause 14 shall apply.
7.5 Landal GreenParks shall be entitled at all times and on any account whatsoever to set off any amounts receivable from you against any amounts paid by you on any account whatsoever.