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Everyone has a fantastic time in a Landal GreenParks children's bungalow. The fixtures and fittings are geared towards maximising fun for your children. Whether you have just booked a children's bungalowplus or a children's bungalow.

Everything has been thought of. The interior and exterior of the children's bungalowplus fully support children's sense of perception. In the children's bedroom, there is an actual sleeping cabin, the shower is fitted with a frog shower head and the special children's furniture including, amongst other things, a Bollo children's games table, completes the sense of fun. You can leave home worry-free because in the children's bungalowplus everything that you are used to having at home is included as standard for your children. A dresser with changing mat, high chair, indoor and outdoor games and junior linen.

Safety is paramount

Your children can play in the children's bungalowplus in complete safety. In the kitchen all low-level cabinets are fitted with a child lock, all sockets are child-safe and the stairs are fitted with a stair gate.

Great fun all day long

There is so much to do and experience in and around the children's bungalowplus. Hop to the door, hang up your coat on the tree, find your bedroom with your own name and enjoy playing and sleeping in your sleeping cabin. And if that is not enough, you can also play the Bollo game together on the games table or shuffleboard in the lounge and whoever wins gets to eat the first pancake. It's also great fun outside! What will we do, maybe play a game of boules or play on the outdoor Swinxs games computer? Everything is available in the children's bungalowplus and there is more! We have even thought of the kitchen princes and princesses. Bake and cook together in the kitchen, with special children's kitchen pinafores and oven gloves, colourful crockery, a picture frame for children's drawings and pancake recipe décor on the wall.

Look below for a list of the parks with family chalets:



  • Games table with Bollo game and Ludo
  • Tree trunk stools and decorative cushions
  • Sockets are child-safe
  • Kitchen pinafores and oven gloves
  • Colourful crockery
  • Picture frame for children's drawings
  • Pancake recipe painting on the wall
  • Low-level cabinets are fitted with a child lock


  • Hopscotch
  • Low-level doorbell
  • Picture clearly displaying the house number
  • Mirror with growth chart
  • Tree coat rack
  • Blackboards on the bedroom doors

Children's bedroom

  • Sleeping cabin
  • Adapted floor and wall coating
  • Lighting with prints
  • Cubbie

Adult bedrooms

  • Topper in master bedroom
  • Changing matli>
  • Low-level chest of drawers
  • LCD TV


  • Children's mirror
  • Frog shower head
  • Bath toys
  • Step for climbing up into bed
  • Special toilet brush (miniature)li>
  • Children's decorations


  • Swinxs (outdoor games computer)
  • Jeu-de-boules-set
  • Shuffleboard
  • Jenga
  • ....and, of course, the children's welcome package

Children's bungalowplus or the children's bungalow?

Both the children's bungalowplus and the children's bungalow are fully furnished to ensure an unforgettable stay for you and your family. There is, however, a difference. The standard layout and the facilities of the children's bungalowplus are identical in every park. You know exactly what you and the members of your family can expect. In the case of a children's bungalow the layout and the available facilities inside the bungalow vary at each park. Something that applies for all children's bungalows: the layout and the facilities offer you a great deal of comfort and fun for your children. You will recognise the children's bungalowplus by it's special logo.

Available bungalows

See below which parks have children's bungalows and find your children's bungalow by following three simple steps


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