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Nothing is easier than the ready-made packages from Landal GreenParks. You can opt in directly when booking, meaning you don't have to worry about whether you've packed everything! If you wish, we can set the packages out for you in your accommodation and make the beds ourselves.

Please note: Not every package can be reserved at every park.

Accommodation extras

Bedmaking service
Nothing is better than falling asleep in a good bed. Except perhaps, falling asleep in a comfortable bed that has already been made up... sweet dreams!

Price: € 4.25 per bed (excl. hire linen)

Set towels
To take to the pool or beach, or simply for after shower: fresh hand towels and bath towels are an absolute necessity. The set, consisting of one hand towel and one bath towel, will be ready for you in your chalet.

Price: € 6 per set towels

Kitchen cloth
A set of kitchen towels would be very handy during your stay. The set is compromised of two tea towels and a kitchen towel and will be ready for you in your chalet.

Price: € 5 per kitchen cloth

Luxe Check Out
Would you prefer not to have to think about tidying up your accommodation on the day of your departure? If not, then the Luxe Check Out is ideal for you! We will empty the dishwasher, strip the beds and dispose the rubbish. You can also book breakfast for € 10 per person in the restaurant for a really relaxing end to your holiday.

Price: 2 to 8 people € 12.50 per accommodation
Price: 10 to 12 people € 17.50 per accommodation
Price: 16 or more people € 30 per accommodation

Comfort package

Make things easy for yourself with the Comfort package. The package is comprised of:

  • An bath towel package p.p.
  • Beds made up on arrival (excl. hire bed linen)
  • Kitchen towel package*
  • Coffee and tea package*
  • A Rituals bathroom set*

*You will receive double quantities of these items if you book for 5 or more people.

Price: € 9.95 p.p. (minimum two people)

Premium package

Indulge yourself! The Premium package contains:

  • An XXL bath towel package p.p.
  • Kitchen towel package*
  • Coffee and tea package*
  • A Rituals bathroom set*
  • A set of scented candles*
  • Bath mat for each bathroom

*You will receive double quantities of these items if you book for 5 or more people.

Tip: Reserve the Premium package in combination with a stay in our luxury accommodation.

Price: € 9.95 p.p. (minimum two people)

Luxury Comfort and Premium package

Like the sound of pure luxury? Then go for the Comfort or Premium Deluxe Package for just
€ 9.55 p.p. extra. The packages are the same as the Comfort and Premium Packages, but with the added bonus of:

  • A bottle of wine*
  • A selection of nibbles* and chocolate
  • A breakfast package for one morning in the chalet, including assorted bread rolls, orange juice, jam, sliced meats, cheese, butter and eggs.

*You will receive double quantities of these items if you book for 5 or more people.

Price: € 19.50 p.p. (minimum two people)

For an extra € 16.00 p.p. you can upgrade the Comfort and Premium (Deluxe) Package with a Landal GreenParks dressing gown and slippers. You can take these home with you at the end of your stay.

Grocery box

Grocery Box - small
That's handy! We will do your initial shopping for four people, which will be waiting for you on your arrival in a big-shopper containing:

  • Coffee, coffee filters, coffee creamer
  • Tea, sugar
  • Biscuits, assorted sweets
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine
  • Nibbles
Price: € 24.95 per package (small)

Grocery Box- large
The large grocery box will be ideal for you if you have a larger group (up to 6 people).
The contents are the same as the small grocery box, with the addition of:

  • Toast/breakfast crackers, eggs, margarine
  • Cheese, ham, jam, fruit
  • Orange juice, milk
  • Brie, toast, crisps
Price: € 49.50 per package (large)

Cosy Atmosphere package

Enjoyed the fresh air and invigorating hike? The evening has come and it is time to enjoy the cosy atmosphere by the fireplace. The cosy atmosphere package is all that you need:

  • Two sacks of firewood or Vlampak*
  • Two or three paraffin fireblogs*
  • One packet of firelighters

* The composition of the package depends on the type of fire in your accommodation.

Price: € 13.95 per package (value of goods € 16.50)

Party package

Do you have something to celebrate? Increase the party fun with a party package. We will give you:

  • Party hats, horns, decorations, balloons
  • A party cake
  • A greeting card to suit the occasion
The chalet will already be decorated with party decorations when you arrive!

Price: up to 6 people € 33.50 per accommodation
Price: up to 12 people € 44.50 per accommodation

Would you like to book?

It is easy for you to book one of these packages when you book your accommodation. Look at the possibilities on offer at the park of your choice before you make your booking.

You can also book by clicking on the "book" button and then completing the booking request form. You can enter the package of your choice in the "remarks" box.

More information
For additional information or to make a reservation, please contact Landal GreenParks via tel.:+31-(0)70 - 300 35 06.
Contact Center:
Monday till Friday from 9 am. till 9 pm.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10 am. till 3 pm

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